Tide In BCS? Who Is Talking Crazy?

So all of a sudden the BCS National Championship Game is Oregon vs. Alabama. The Ducks have done what they need to do, so far, but not the Crimson Tide. But that doesn't mean Bama can't get there, and that's why this match-up seems to be the most appealing for BCS prognosticators.

Alabama is the elite team that all but Bama haters want in the BCS National Championship Game. It could be Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska; Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State;r Notre Dame; USC. One of those that belongs.

It's something like one bride gets married at West Palm and another wedding is at the county courthouse. Not to say that one is better than the other, but there is a perception.

Right now the BCS national championship game is looking county courthouse; reception to follow at the Dairy Dee-Lite. The game begs for an Alabama-type upgrade.

Fortunately, the Tide's 41-10 win over Tennessee in Knoxville Saturday night showed some stirrings of Bama might. But time is flying by, two-thirds of the season to date, and Alabama checks in with only a 7-1 record. There are a handful of teams out there who still have that "-0" in the record.

Last year's national championship was decided by Alabama vs. Texas, and television ratings were top of the charts. There are all sorts of match-ups possible this year that will have viewers deciding between the game and the latest re-run of "Law & Order."

As much as anything, that is why national pundits are putting the Tide back into the national championship game. They are praying for a name.

Once upon a time, Alabama was in perfect position to make the game. Bama was No. 1. Then came the loss at South Carolina, and the Tide has no wiggle room. In fact, even winning out may not be good enough.

Still, that's all Alabama can do. If the Tide can beat LSU in Baton Rouge on November 6 and be the team that stops Cam Newton and Auburn to win that game 20 days later, and then win a second consecutive Southeastern Conference Championship Game, then maybe.

And who is to say that some other BCS pretenders won't stumble? After all, in subsequent weeks we have seen No. 1 Alabama, followed by No. 1 Ohio State, followed most recently by No. 1 Oklahoma beaten.

Alabama will have the head-to-head opportunity against Auburn. It could be that the Tide will need outside help.

The Crimson Tide nation has a history of that. Over the years (and particularly in those 25 Paul Bryant years), it seemed that many championship seasons required that a contender had to be eliminated. Almost as if Bryant could will it, there would be the Arizona over Southern Cal that was needed.

Check out the teams and schedules and make a wish. But regardless of the outcomes of the Michigan States and Missouris, job one is that Alabama must do its job.

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