A Merry Christmas Wish For You All

I grew up in a "Merry Christmas" family. Not "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays." As I neared teenager status we added "Happy Birthday" when my youngest sister was born on December 25. (Another sister shares a birthday with Nick Saban, Hallowe'en.)

I am not offended when someone has a greeting that is not "Merry Christmas." In our final press briefing with Coach Saban earlier this week, we wished him a "Merry Christmas." He responded with a message to the sports reporters and to others, including all Alabama fans, for a "happy holidays."

I don't consider Saban to be one who is concerned with being politically correct. I'm good with "Happy Holidays."

I do want to wish you all, including those who are not Alabama fans and who may be reading this to build up more hate for me (you know who you are), a Merry Christmas.

With a worldwide recession, it's likely this has not been as cheery a holiday as in other years. With that in mind, I also hope you have a Happy New Year, beginning January 1 when Alabama meets Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

There have been many years in my life when Christmas was travel day, heading off to bowl games. Alabama's players and coaches and staff will travel on Christmas to be in Orlando so they may participate in an event with children on Sunday. There was some sadness in those days when Lynne and I had to leave for the bowl game on December 25, because it meant celebrating Christmas with our family, and particularly our children, and then leaving them with grandparents in Birmingham.

Presumably, those in the official party who head to Orlando are taking their children. Most of our Christmas Day bowl trips were to places like Miami, New Orleans, and Dallas, not quite so kid-friendly as the Mouse Patch.

Last year was the best. Our daughter and son-in-law and their son and our son and daughter-in-law and their son and daughter and my Hallowe'en sister and her husband were all in Southern California. It was a fabulous trip and game, and it was wonderful to do it all with family.

Family makes Christmas particularly special. It will be a two-day event for us as children and grandchildren have other obligations. My brother visited earlier this week. I'll also visit my mother in the assisted living home where she now resides. We'll call the birthday girl.

I hope that your Christmas is as wonderful as I know mine will be, and I want you all to know how much we appreciate your participation at BamaMag.com. It is in great part your contributions that make this the most respected web site on Alabama athletics.

Merry Christmas.

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