SEC Commissioner Seems Camfused

It's a good thing Mike Slive had the opportunity to be commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. It does not appear that he could have made it anywhere else, not even in Camelot.

Slive has had the benefit of the doubt from most Alabama followers, in great part because he followed the anti-Alabama commissioner, Roy Kramer. Kramer gave testimony before the NCAA that he had deliberately led Alabama into a trap in an attempt to cripple the Crimson Tide football program.

That's not a very high bar for the successor.

Slive has been great at one thing. Member institutions of the SEC get millions of dollars each year, in great part because the commissioner's office makes good deals for television and bowl games.

But Crimson Tide Athletics Director Mal Moore probably hesitated when he got a call from Slive on Thursday, the day after signing day. Moore could have been excused if he had taken a moment to check the calendar. Was it April Fool's Day? Look around his office to see if there was a hidden camera. This had to be a joke.

But, no, the commissioner was calling to say that an unnamed SEC school had complained because Alabama's members only internet site had included a a coed in a short skirt making occasional appearances. The internet connection was known as Fax Cam as it showed the facsimile transmissions of football recruits' signed documents accepting Bama scholarships.

(One question was "which school?". One obvious choice, of course, complains about everything Alabama does and certainly has reason to be jealous of The University's coeds. But it really doesn't matter.)

According to a release from the SEC, Slive thought it was "inappropriate" and called Moore.

Moore's response is not known, but Moore is known to be diplomatic and probably handled the situation with more dignity than it deserved. Hopefully, Moore won't feel a need to reprimand anyone in reaction to an opponent.

Slive thought Fax Cam was inappropriate? He needs to get a grip on his Cam priorities. This is the same commissioner who a few months ago ruled that a player whose father shopped him around, seeking perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars, had not made the player ineligible, notwithstanding an SEC rule that says a player will be ineligible if a family member agrees to accept payment.

Slive is a lawyer. Which side would he like to be on arguing a case that hinged on whether someone asking for money was presumed to be agreeing to accept it?

That ranked with the NCAA contention that the player, who wanted to go to another school, and his father, who was shopping him around, did not communicate. Thus, the player had no knowledge of why his father insisted on the school where he signed. It is really hard to figure out who might have known beside the father, such as boosters and coaches where the player landed.

But that's not what Mike Slive finds "inappropriate." Does anyone believe that perhaps the commissioner needs to refocus?

Slive appears to be Camfused.

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