Saban Says Players Didn't Get Anything

HBO has been expected to expose a pay-for-play scheme involving former Southeastern Conference players. Based on pre-broadcast reports, one of the players is Stanley McGlover, who says he was offered by both Auburn (where he signed and played) and LSU.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban was coach at LSU when McGlover was recruited by the two teams of Tigers. Following Alabama's spring practice Wednesday, Saban was asked about the accusation.

Saban said, "I don't really know much about it, but I can promise you this: we've never, ever given a player anything. And I've never, ever known about giving a player anything. And I don't know much about what those guys are saying. I haven't seen the articles. I haven't seen the show. I don't know what they're saying. I really would rather focus on what we're doing here in this program. And I would really question whether anybody's ever received anything from any of our coaches or any people that are involved with our program. That would be a real surprise to me."

Prior to the Wednesday night airing of the program, the SEC issued a statement:

"We are aware of some of the information to be aired during this evening's HBO Real Sports.  Representatives from Auburn University, representatives from LSU and the SEC office have communicated with the NCAA Enforcement Staff.  The involved institutions and the NCAA staff will pursue the allegations in a timely manner."

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