Nick's Kids Helping Tornado Victims

The following was forwarded to us regarding how the charity of Coach Nick Saban and his wife Terry, Nick's Kids, will help victims of the tornadoes that struck Tuscaloosa and other towns in Alabama. It offers the opportunity to participate with the Sabans.

Dear Supporters,

As you know, Tuscaloosa and many towns and neighborhoods in Alabama have suffered horrific devastation from the recent tornados. Many families are without homes, cars, clothing, and essentials. Recovery will be a long, arduous process. The labor needed to restore a sense of normality will prove to be a long-term effort. The outpouring of help has been heartwarming.

We have received many calls regarding the desire to help with relief efforts. Donations of food, water, and clothing have been overwhelming in a good way. However, many families are now homeless and have nowhere to take items which they have received as donations. They need shelter; and, they need it immediately. There are numerous ways to help financially.

The University of Alabama has set up a fund called the UA Acts of Kindness Fund which focuses on helping university students and faculty who were affected by the tornado. There are also larger organizations such as The Red Cross or West Alabama Food Bank who are providing wonderful services to those in need.

Our charity, "Nick's Kids Fund," is helping with a variety of programs. We are feeding families at shelters, providing Wal-Mart gift cards to homeless families, and our members are volunteering for hands-on cleanup. Nick's Kids Fund ensures that 93 cents of every dollar donated is applied to charity.

Currently, we are working to create a bigger picture, long-term, solution by formulating a plan to stimulate growth. Nick's Kids Fund plans to adopt a local neighborhood, clean, and rebuild to get them on track for a new beginning.

Once this plan is complete we will post the details on our website. If you would like to donate to Nick's Kids Fund, please send checks to:

Nick's Kids Fund

Box 870323

Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487

You may also use PayPal on our website,

Please note that your donation should be earmarked for Tornado Relief.

Nick's Kids Fund stands devoted to our normal charitable commitments and the tornado recovery efforts will come from funding earmarked for the Tornado victims.

Whichever method you choose to help in the recovery effort is deeply appreciated. Our prayers are with the families who have suffered personal loss that can never be replaced. We are committed to helping this community and the state of Alabama rebuild bigger and better than ever.

God Bless and Roll Tide,

Terry and Nick Saban

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