The SEC and Bama in the NFL draft

After being shut out the first day of the NFL draft, five Alabama athletes were selected Sunday in rounds four through seven. <br><br>In the Southeastern Conference, Tennessee and Florida both had eight players selected, while league champion Georgia contributed seven. The Auburn Tigers were the only league team with no athletes drafted.

Defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson of Kentucky was the first SEC player chosen, going to the New York Jets with the fourth overall selection. Interestingly, Robertson publicly committed to sign with Alabama following his senior season in high school, but the Memphis native ended up as a surprise signee for the Wildcats on National Signing Day.

Tailback Ahmaad Galloway was taken in the seventh round.

Defensive tackle Jarret Johnson was the first Tide player chosen, selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 12th pick of the fourth round (109th overall). Former Tide great Ozzie Newsome now serves as General Manager of the Ravens.

Johnson was followed by fellow D-Linemen Kenny King and Kindal Moorhead. The Arizona Cardinals took King with the sixth pick of the fifth round (141st overall). King impressed the scouts with his versatility, but he and the other Tide linemen had the misfortune to come out in a draft year that was heavy on defensive linemen.

Moorehead went four spots after King (10th pick of the fifth round, 145th overall) to the Arizona Cardinals. Past injuries and some questions about his work ethic kept Moorehead from going higher.

The Atlanta Falcons selected safety Waine Bacon with the 29th pick of the sixth round (202nd overall). A former walk-on, Bacon impressed the scouts with his performance in post-season all-star games. Despite knee surgery that prevented him from taking part in most pre-draft workouts, tailback Ahmaad Galloway was chosen by the Denver Broncos in the seventh round (235th overall).

Jarret Johnson and Kindal Moorehead were the first and third Tide players selected.

Several other Alabama players are expected to sign free agent contracts and get a shot at making an NFL team. That group includes receiver Sam Collins, center Alonzo Ephraim, guard Marico Portis, tailback Santonio Beard, offensive tackle Dante Ellington, punter Lane Bearden, cornerback Gerald Dixon, defensive back Hirchel Bolden and quarterback Tyler Watts.

SEC Draft Notes

  • For the sixth straight year, the Southeastern Conference led all conferences in the number of selections during the National Football League Draft. The SEC had 43 players selected in this year's NFL Draft, which is the second most by a league during the last six seasons. Last year, the SEC had 47 players taken in the NFL Draft. The last time the SEC did not lead in the total number of selections was in 1997.
  • The SEC had 43 players taken in this year's draft. Following the SEC, the Big Ten and the Big 12 had 35 players taken each while the Pac-10 had 29 players, the Big East had 23 and the ACC had 17 players selected.
  • The Big Ten led in the first day selections with 18, followed by the Big 12 with 16 and the Pac-10 and SEC with 13 selections each.
  • The SEC had four first round selections. The Pac-10 led with eight followed by the Big Ten and Big 12 with six each and the SEC and Big East with four selections each.
  • Every SEC school had at least one selection with the exception of Auburn. Florida and Tennessee led the SEC with eight picks each followed by Georgia with seven and Alabama with five. The last time every SEC school had a selection in the NFL draft was 1998.

Total draftees by conference

Southeastern: 43
Big East: 23
Big Ten: 35
Big Twelve: 35
Atlantic Coast: 17
PAC-10: 29
Conference USA: 14
Mountain West: 6
Mid-Atlantic: 10
Sun Belt: 5
Western Athletic: 9
Independents: 12
Non-Division 1A: 24

SEC players selected by team

(Position, Name, NFL Team, Round selected, Overall selection)

Alabama (5):
DT Jarret Johnson Baltimore Ravens 4 / 109
DT Kenny King Arizona Cardinals 5 / 141
DE Kindal Moorehead Carolina Panthers 5 / 145
DB Waine Bacon Atlanta Falcons 6 / 202
RB Ahmaad Galloway Denver Broncos 7 / 235

Arkansas (1):
S Ken Hamlin Seattle Seahawks 2 / 42

Auburn (0):
No players selected

Florida (8):
QB Rex Grossman Chicago Bears 1 / 22
WR Taylor Jacobs Washington Redskins 2 / 44
FS Todd Johnson Chicago Bears 4 / 100
DT Ian Scott Chicago Bears 4 / 116
TE Aaron Walker San Francisco 49ers 5 / 161
DT Tron LaFavor Chicago Bears 5 / 171
OLB Mike Nattiel Minnesota Vikings 6 / 190
DE Clint Mitchell Denver Broncos 7 / 227

Georgia (7):
DT Johnathan Sullivan New Orleans Saints 1 / 6
OT George Foster Denver Broncos 1 / 20
OLB Boss Bailey Detroit Lions 2 / 34
OT Jon Stinchcomb New Orleans Saints 2 / 37
RB Musa Smith Baltimore Ravens 3 / 77
MLB Tony Gilbert Arizona Cardinals 6 / 210
FB J.T. Wall Pittsburgh Steelers 7 / 242

Kentucky (2):
DT Dewayne Robertson New York Jets 1 / 4
RB Artose Pinner Detroit Lions 4 / 99

LSU (4):
RB Domanick Davis Houston Texans 4 / 101
LB Bradie James Dallas Cowboys 4 / 103
RB LaBrandon Toefield Jacksonville Jaguars 4 / 132
S Norman LeJeune Philadelphia Eagles 7 / 244

Ole Miss (1):
C Ben Claxton Denver Broncos 5 / 157

Mississippi State (3):
FB Justin Griffith Atlanta Falcons 4 / 121
TE Donald Lee Miami Dolphins 5 / 156
MLB Mario Haggan Buffalo Bills 7 / 228

South Carolina (3):
NT Langston Moore Cincinnati Bengals 6 / 174
DB Corey Jenkins Miami Dolphins 6 / 181
RB Andrew Pinnock San Diego Chargers 7 / 229

Tennessee (8):
LB Eddie Moore Miami Dolphins 2 / 49
WR Kelley Washington Cincinnati Bengals 3 / 65
TE Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys 3 / 69
S Julian Battle Kansas City Chiefs 3 / 92
DT Aubrayo Franklin Baltimore Ravens 5 / 146
LB Keyon Whiteside Indianapolis Colts 5 / 162
DT Rashad Moore Seattle Seahawks 6 / 183
DE Demetrin Veal Atlanta Falcons 7 / 238

Vanderbilt (1):
LB Hunter Hillenmeyer Green Bay Packers 5 / 166

NOTE: The SEC Office of Media Relations contributed to this report.

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