Kyron Samuels tells it all

Kyron Samuels, three-star center from Fairhope, Ala., had high hopes heading to Tuscaloosa for the summer camp. He was disappointed with the news he received following his great peformance. Samuels talked in-depth with Andrew Bone.

"I went there on Sunday and camped all day," Kyron Samuels said about Alabama. "It went well. I had a good time, but I still don't have any offer. I went up against top talent like Jelani Hamilton, Ryan Anderson and Jamichael Winston. I held my own against them.

"Alabama has seen all of my spring film. They said they loved it. I was really expecting an offer when I went up there yesterday. I pretty much had a perfect workout. I didn't have any problems with the snaps."

Samuels was asked to coach Saban's office where he thought a scholarship offer was forthcoming.

"Coach Saban told me there is another guy they really like," SAmuels said. "He said he wishes I was a little bit taller. He compares me to William Vlachos. I feel like I have done everything they have asked. I think I have done enough to deserve an offer. It's the place I want to be.

"I told coach Saban I will have to consider somewhere else. He said he will talk to me again in July. I have a commitment date set for August 16. I told him I don't have too much time to wait around. We were voicing our opinions back and forth. His thing is that I have done everything, but I am 6-foot-1 instead of 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4.

"Coach Saban said I would have an offer by now if I was taller, and I would be committed. I won't grow anymore, but I feel like I am the best guy for the job. I feel like I have deserved it and have worked hard. I told him if Alabama doesn't offer me I am going to commit somewhere else in August.

"Coach Saban didn't really say anything about who the other guy is they want. I know Matt Cochran was there from California. He is about two inches taller than me. It was his first time visiting. I guess they are feeling him out I feel like I am a better player, but because I am shorter I am at a disadvantage.

"William Vlachos is 6-foot-1. He is a three-year starter for Alabama and helped them win the national championship. I feel like if you are a good player you can play. Obviously I want to be at Alabama, but I have done everything I can do. I still respect Alabama. I will still do everything I can to get an offer from them.

"Coach Stoutland said he watched all 42 snaps in my spring game. He likes me a lot. Being height challenged I felt like the best decision for me was to move to center. I felt like I could prove to people I could play the position. Coach Stoutland felt like I did that as well. He said I am his guy. I just don't know what to say right now. It's not my job to recruit myself."

Kyron, who is nephew to former Tider and Outland Trophy winner, Chris Samuels, wants other schools to know he is eager to talk.

"I am looking elsewhere now," said Samuels. "Alabama is still in my top three. Mississippi State is close to the top. Florida State is giving me a lot of looks. South Alabama is making a big push. Most people wouldn't believe it, but South Alabama has something great going on right now. Kentucky and Louisville have made up a lot of ground recently."

Samuels plans to camp at Mississippi State and Auburn this week. He also plans to camp at Florida and Vanderbilt this summer.

Samuels was asked about the significance behind announcing a decision August 16.

"I plan to graduate in December," he said. "I know if I don't commit now I may not have an offer later on especially with the SEC cap limit at 25. I want to get it out of the way before the season starts. I will make my decision on August 16 because it is the second day of school."

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