Tide commitment tired of negative recruiting

Brandon Greene, four-star offensive tackle from Ellenwood-Cedar Grove, Ga., gave an early commitment to the University of Alabama. Other schools have been negatively recruiting against the Tide which is all part of the process for any program when they are eager to turn a player's head.

"Auburn has been coming at me pretty hard," said Brandon Greene. "South Carolina and North Carolina are recruiting me hard. They won't stop coming at me. They are saying it doesn't mean anything to them I am committed to Alabama.

"South Carolina, North Carolina and Auburn are schools who have offered who are really coming at me right now. Other schools don't really bother because they know where I am going. They are trying though."

Greene appeared on the verge of re-opening his recruitment, but the Tide staff settled down the player's concerns.

"I am actually talking to a coach through email right now," Greene said. "Coach Rumph and coach Jamie Thornton have emailed me some encouraging words. They were saying how everyone is going to come after me. They said Alabama needs me, and they are thin at the position. Coach Rumph said to hang in there.

"Coach Thornton said he is looking forward to seeing me. Alabama has spots up for grabs, and they need players to fill those positions. Other schools will try to sway me, but I will never regret playing for coach Saban. Alabama is a special place."

One of the concerns has been the Tide's depth at several positions. Schools are basically telling Greene he is not good enough to start or maybe earn any playing time at Alabama.

"The schools who are recruiting me hard keep talking about Alabama's depth chart," said Greene. "They say how they don't see where I would fit in and how I need to come to their school. Alabama wouldn't recruit me if I didn't fit into their plans. In the end it's my decision. Alabama is where I want to be. I can't go off what all these other people are trying to say.

"I feel very comfortable with my commitment to Alabama. I will say I did start to look at other places. You don't want to have second thoughts, but right now I am happy. The emails from the coaches really helped. They let me know they care about me more as a person than a football player. That's the family atmosphere I committed to and want to be a part of. It's really good to have them there when you need them."

Recruits look to experience other places, a once-in-a-lifetime oportunity during the recruiting process.

"It's funny. Someone said I was going to South Carolina now," Greene said. "That's not happening. I was like 'come on'. People are going to make up false rumors about you. I might take a couple of visits, but it's just to confirm my decision. It's not going to be a decision-changer. I just want to experience other places."

Greene has stayed busy with his high school football team this summer. He hasn't taken any trips, but considering leaving town this weekend.

"My summer has been going good," said Greene. "I have been working hard. We have been working hard and getting ready. I haven't really had a lot of time to do anything. We work out all week. Then on the weekends all I want to do is sleep. Alabama wants me to come up there this weekend. I am working on doing that.

"Spring practice was good. I gained 10-pounds, and my bench has improved about 35-pounds. It's always good when you go up. I am about 295-pounds right now. I feel like right now I am in the best shape of my life. I am bigger, faster and stronger. I believe spring was a success.

"Here lately I am looking at old film from last year and looking at my hand placement. I feel like I can get my hands on you quicker. I feel like if I can sting you and get my feet up under you I can fully take over. I want to know where everyone needs to be at all times on offense and defense. I am doing everything in my power to help us win."

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