Construction underway

To the delight of almost every fan, preliminary construction on the annex to the Alabama Football Complex has begun in earnest. Of course the ground floor of the new annex will be taken up entirely by a new, ultra-modern weight room, something long anticipated by Tide fans.

(Above left) Construction equipment sits idle in the early evening behind the Alabama Football Complex. The photo was taken looking toward Bryant Drive. The addition to the existing Football Complex will be added to the right. To the left is the existing outdoor Tennis Stadium.

Photo taken from outside the weight room (bottom floor of the Football Complex) down the sides of Coleman Coliseum (to the left) and the Indoor Practice Facility (to the right) and toward the existing Track Stadium (behind the Indoor Facility). The facility upgrades are well underway, with first work focusing on replacing and upgrading utility lines (electricity, heating, etc.). The road between Coleman and the Indoor facility has been blocked off, including the small parking lot at the entrance to the football practice fields, for the duration of the construction.

Photo taken behind the Football Complex (on right), looking toward the Outdoor Tennis Stadium (left at back). Existing utility lines/pipes have been dug up next to the practice fields (left). Once the new utility lines are in place, construction on the Football Complex addition will begin. First they'll raze the Tennis Stadium, so that the space can be used for construction equipment, supplies, etc. Then actual construction will begin. A state-of-the-art weight room will take up the ground floor of the new construction. Once completed, the existing weight room will move. Then its present space will be renovated into a large modern training area. When finsihed, the training room will move and renovation of the locker rooms (to include the current space taken up by the existing training room) will begin.

The same area is pictured, except this time the camera is looking in the opposite direction toward the Crisp Indoor Facility in the distance (the Football Complex would be on the left and the practice fields on the right). The second floor of the Football Complex annex will include a luxurious recruiting suite, where prospects and their families can interact with the Tide coaches, plus a new office for the Director of Football Operations and a new office for the Head Football Coach. Tentative plans call for the Athletics Director to move into the existing corner office occupied by Coach Price.

Appearances can be deceiving. drove by the big construction project taking place next to and behind the existing Recreation Center located at the corner of Campus Drive and Fifth Avenue East. We hoped to take a photo of construction on the new soccer fields and Outdoor Tennis Stadium, but no luck. The cleared area pictured here is located behind the Recreation Center, but according to the workmen it is slated to be a parking lot. You can see existing outdoor tennis courts (for student use) in the distance to the left. The soccer field (and new outdoor Tennis stadium) will be located beyond this cleared area to the right.

NOTE: As new developments occur with the construction, look for more photos from highlighting the progress.

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