Kenyan Drake hears recruiting pitches

Kenyan Drake, four-star running back from Powder Springs-Hillgrove, Ga., is the top-rated prospect at his position in the Peach State. It comes as no surprise the Tide commitment continues to hear from UGA. Drake talked in-depth with Andrew Bone about his big summer plans and the recruiting tactics from the home-state school.

"I have been working out with my team," said Kenyan Drake. "We have gone to a few 7-on-7 scrimmages against local teams. We have also played in a few tournaments. We have fared pretty well considering this is our second year in the offense.

"I am heading out to Oregon for 'The Opening'. I am then going with my family to South Carolina for a trip (not the university). I am then going down to Florida for vacation. I am going to the Gridiron Kings National 7-on-7 tournament while I am down there.

"'The Opening' at Oregon should be a lot of fun. I know a 7-on-7 tournament is involved. There is a lineman challenge. It's all the Sparq Training National finals. I am really excited about it. I have never flown past Texas. This is the furthest I have ever been.

"I really look forward to it. My teammate from last year, Jabari Hunt-Days, went out there last year for the Sparq national finals. They didn't have 'The Opening' last year. He got second place. He got me excited about it. I accepted the invitation. I know a lot of people from around the country who are going. We are all counting down the days.

"I am also looking forward to attending the Gridiron Kings in Orlando. It should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to competing in the tournament. I received an inviation and accepted. It's cool I get to go to Disney World while I am there. I haven't been since I was six or seven."

Drake hasn't been to Tuscaloosa since the spring.

"The coaches tried to get me down there when camps started," he said. "That is when my team started summer work-outs. I have to be the leader of the team. I can't miss a day of work-outs. I couldn't make it. They said to come down anytime. The only opening for me is in late July. I am going to try to get there.

"I talk to Nick Saban a lot. My recruiting coach is Kirby Smart. He lets me know how much they are still interested in me. They can't wait for me to get on campus. They are excited about my skill set as a running back."

Drake has kept in contact with a couple of recruits including one of the nation's top cornerbacks who is also from the Peach State.

"I talk to Geno Smith," Drake said. "I have discussed the scenario with him. I have also talked to others who have interest in Alabama. I tell them how good of a school Alabama is and why I decided to go to Alabama. I let them know and set them straight. They have to respect my opinion.

"I think Alabama is a real good situation for Geno. He is definitely one of the top recruits in the country, let alone the state of Georgia. I think Alabama would be a good move for him to make. Auburn has a lot of DBs committed in this year's class. They signed a lot last year. He would get legit playing time at Alabama."

Drake spends time recruiting for the Tide, but the in-state SEC school is working to keep one of the top prospects at home.

"The main school trying to recruit me is Georgia," Drake said. "I talked to Mark Richt earlier this month. He asked if I would come for a visit. It's hard enough for me to get to Tuscaloosa. I told coach Richt I would discuss it with my dad. We aren't in any rush to get up there. I don't want anyone thinking I am having second thoughts because that isn't true.

"My commitment to Alabama is very strong. There is no waivering on my end at all. Nothing has changed since the day I committed. I see that continuing until the day I sign. I feel like it will continue to get stronger. Crimson Tide all day, every day.

"People ask me why I committed to Alabama over Georgia and what made me do it. I hear it all of the time. They always want to bring up the depth chart. Georgia is pretty much putting everything on the back of [Isaiah] Crowell. They are saying we can be a one-two punch.

"Of course depth chart is something to think about, but I see myself getting legitimate playing time at Alabama if I work hard. Trent [Richardson] is likely leaving after his junior year. They will then have Eddie Lacy and Dee Hart. I don't mind the position battle.

"You then look at the offensive line situation. I tell them about the offensive line at Georgia, and then how Alabama definitely has the top offensive line unit in the country. You can't run if you don't have a great offensive line to block for you.

"I looked at how stable Alabama is compared to Georgia. If Georgia doesn't have a good year, Richt is probably out. I think he deserves a couple years because of what all he has done, but you know how fans are. It's all about what are you doing for me now, not what did you do for me in the past.

"If I did choose to go to Georgia I'd put myself in a situation where I wouldn't know if the coaching staff would be there or not. If they have another bad year the coaching staff would likely get torn apart. I wouldn't want to play for a team that didn't have the same staff as it did when I committed. That stuff just doesn't go well with me."

Drake talked about social networking.

"It definitely gives fans a chance to show their support for their team and athletes," he said. "I really appreciate all the love and support I get. I have a little fun with it. I know I have to take it for what it is. Fans can turn on you in a second if you aren't doing well. I really do enjoy the process of being a student-athlete. It's real exciting."

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