Brent Calloway talks academic situation

Alabama signee Brent Calloway hit a snag this week with the NCAA. He talked in-depth with Andrew Bone about the situation. Follow AndrewJBone on twitter for the latest recruiting news..

"My parents and I went to my guidance counselor at my school in the spring," said Brent Calloway. "We asked if everything was in order for me to graduate and move on to Alabama. She told me everything was straight and in-line. I was good to go to Alabama.

"Then after graduation I am told I have to take an Earth Science class. Someone messed up because they told me I was good to go.

"I said 'whatever', so I took the class. I crammed everything in and got all the work done in three-and-a-half days. I took the tests and passed.

"We sent all the stuff to the NCAA. They came back and said they didn't approve, and they didn't feel like I learned enough.

"They are telling me I have to re-take the class. I'll start the class next Monday. The problem is they want me to take 180 hours of the class. I will have to take the class eight hours a day when I can be finished with it in four."

"I really don't understand why they are doing this, but I am not going to let this keep me down. I know what is waiting for me.

"I have talked to the Alabama coaches about it. They are really upset with what has happened. They don't think it's fair.

"It's going to be tough because I really won't have time to work out. I am feeling good. My workouts have been going great. I am faster than I have ever been, and I am 230-pounds."

Alabama will have four running backs in the stable with the loss of Dee Hart. Calloway is expected to contribute.

"I orginally planned on redshirting this year, but I don't think that will happen anymore because of the loss of Dee Hart," he said. "They are going to need me at running back. That's where I will start."

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