Some Thoughts On SEC Media Days

It's Southeastern Conference Media Days week, and you know what that means. Nearly every sports columnist in the South can get an easy column out of the way by making a few predictions about what to expect from SEC Media Days. Like this one.

On Friday, Alabama Coach Nick Saban will make his appearance at the Wynfrey Hotel, site of this year's SEC Media Days (again) in Hoover, suburban Birmingham. I predict the largest contingent of fans will be there on Friday.

Media Days is spread over three days, Wednesday through Friday. Traditionally, Friday has the lowest attendance, at least since the conference put the schools on a rotating basis for appearances. For many years Alabama was last on the docket to assure most media staying. It will be interesting to see what Alabama and Saban do for staying power.

Another tradition is that very few media members bother to cast ballots on a pre-season order of finish and a pre-season All-SEC team. Nevertheless, look for Bama to be favored to win this year's title, as has been the case in pre-season rankings by most.

I predict that Auburn Coach Gene Chizik won't have anything to say about being admonished in front of all other SEC football coaches, as well as all SEC basketball coaches and athletics directors, when he challenged the NCAA director of enforcement at the SEC Spring Meeting in Destin, Fla., earlier this year. Of course Chizik has an easy out after learning that he'll know when the investigation of Auburn perhaps buying players is over. With his new gained knowledge in Destin, he can say, "We aren't allowed to comment on an on-going investigation."

I think Alabama will have decent representation on the pre-season All-SEC team. Bama has a few men who should be unanimous, but that almost never happens for Alabama players. There are some media members in this state who wouldn't vote for anyone from Alabama. I predict several can be guessed.

Offensive lineman Barrett Jones, and safeties Mark Barron and Robert Lester should be easy picks from Alabama.

I predict I won't win the SEC golf tournament at Bent Brook on Thursday. That's a sure thing, because I'm not going to play in it. But even if I did, I know I wouldn't win. Some of those same media members who wouldn't vote for an Alabama player for any honor also seem to have a bit of amnesia on the golf course. I've noticed they write down scores and seem to have forgotten about those missed putts.

I predict that someone will try to get a controversy started, like the Florida guy a couple of years ago who was incensed that some coach hadn't voted for Tim Tebow. (It turned out to be Steve Spurrier.) I have no idea what that controversial subject might be, but I suspect it will be as riveting as the Tebow diss. Which is not at all.

Will we get an update on over-signing? Have all players been checked by Dr. Mike Slive to see if those medical scholarships are in order? Is Texas A&M taking Auburn's place in the league if the War Eagles get the death penalty?

I also predict Auburn's NCAA penalty won't be the death penalty.

I predict that I will get more information from my colleagues who cover schools at the other 11 SEC schools than I will get from the 12 coaches and 36 players and Commissioner Slive. Time between sessions spent getting a cup of coffee and visiting with sportswriters from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, and South Carolina is one of the best things about the meeting.

I predict the 12 coaches and the 36 players will all be better dressed than the snazziest sportswriter. (Some TV types will be in the same league with the coaches, and have better hair.)

I predict my Friday story on what Saban has to say will be short. I'm not playing in the Thursday SEC golf tournament, but I'm going to make every effort to be back in Tuscaloosa in time for my noon dogfight.

I predict there are no plagiarism concerns at Scout, that someone might copy my predictions.

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