It's Not 'BAMA Or Even Rolling Stone

Alabama is featured on the cover of EVERY copy of 'BAMA Magazine. Maybe once in every 25 or so issues, the Crimson Tide is featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. True, SI has a few more subscribers, so perhaps that's why the UofA goes ga-ga over a Sports Illustrated cover. And it is happening again.

Junior running back Trent Richardson, for the second time in his Alabama career, will be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated when the weekly magazine hits newsstands Thursday, and Alabama's media relations office issued a special release.

The cover illustration provided shows that SI's predicted order of finish for 2011 is 1. Alabama, 2. Oklahoma, 3. LSU, 4. Stanford, 5. Oregon, 6. Florida State, 7. South Carolina, 8. Boise State, 9. Nebraska, and 10. Texas A&M. That's three or four Southeastern Conference teams, depending on how one counts Texas A&M.

The football area of the Mal Moore Athletic Facility includes blown-up, framed reproductions of Sports Illustrated covers featuring Alabama. Such covers go back to the early Paul Bryant years.

Richardson also appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated last September for the cover story centering around breakout players and answered questions from week one. Richardson was most recently featured on the cover of 'BAMA in the May issue.

This marks the 11th time Alabama has been the center of an SI cover since head coach Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa in January of 2007. The Crimson Tide was also featured on the cover in the wake of the April 27 tornadoes that ripped through Tuscaloosa.

Richardson, Saban, and many, many other Alabama football contributors have been featured on the cover of 'BAMA Magazine since its founding in 1979. Has Sports Illustrated every featured Will Lowery, as 'BAMA did on its September cover?

Some of the more memorable Alabama SI covers during the Saban era include Glen Coffee's cover after the 2008 Clemson game, Mark Ingram's "Pride of the Tide" cover on his Heisman candidacy, the cover story on Alabama's win over Florida in the 2009 SEC Championship featuring Colin Peek and Ingram's second appearance on the cover after the 2009 BCS National Championship victory over Texas at the Rose Bowl.

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