Chris Black enjoys Tide win

Chris Black, National 100 wide receiver from Jacksonville-First Coast, Fla., attended his first-ever Alabama game this past Saturday. The Tide commitment enjoyed the atmosphere and much more...

"The visit went great," said Chris Black. "It gets better and better each time I go up there. My mom and dad went up there with me. We enjoyed it.

"That was my first-ever time going up there for a game. There is nothing else like it. I have been to other college games, but nothing like it was at Alabama on Saturday. I had to cover my ears at some parts of the game. I can only imagine what it sounded like down on the field."

Black was impressed with the Tide's defense and running game.

"The game was great," he said. "The defense is very strong. I am real interested to see how they perform this week against Florida. The passing game wasn't sharp, but the running game balanced it out. I really enjoyed watching Trent Richardson. He is a beast."

The Alabama commitment met several future teammates including a linebacker he has wanted to meet.

"I got a chance to meet Eddie Williams and some linebackers like Dillon Lee," said Black. "I have been asking coach Pruitt about Dillon Lee. I have seen his highlight film and was like, 'wow'. I know he is a great player. I can't wait to play with him."

Black will arrive in Tuscaloosa in January.

"The coaches were joking around asking if I was going to suit up while I was down there," he said. "I have a great relationship with the whole staff. It gets stronger every time I am around them."

Black also felt the passion from the fans.

"When I was at Alabama the first time I felt the love from them," Black stated. "At the end of the game the fans were showing love. I noticed the love Alabama fans have for Alabama football."

Alabama faces a tough road challenge this weekend against Florida.

"I definitely think Alabama will win," he said. "Some have asked me if I was going to attend the game, but I don't plan on visiting other schools. I am going to stay at home. I can't predict the score, but I definitely think Alabama is going to win."

Black plans to return to Tuscaloosa when the Tide faces Tennessee (official) and LSU.

The Sunshine State playmaker had two receptions for 87 yards including a 76-yard touchdown reception in last week's 38-0 win against Ribault.

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