Chapman, Defense Work To Be Super

You couldn't say it was happenstance. Alabama nose tackle Josh Chapman was more or less led into it. He was asked about the Ole Miss quarterback saying Alabama isn't Superman, then was asked who his favorite superhero is.

The quote has made the Internet rounds. Ole Miss quarterback Randall Mackey was asked about the Alabama defense "Alabama is just Alabama," he said. "They've got a real good defense from the D-line to the secondary. There are still, I'm not going to say weaknesses, you know, they ain't Superman. So they can be beat."

No one should have a problem with that. Alabama is next on the schedule for Ole Miss. The Rebels quarterback wouldn't be expected to throw in the towel a week before the game.

Sure, Alabama leads the nation in rush defense, scoring defense and is third in total defense and fourth in pass defense. But that doesn't make the Bama D Superman.

"It just rolls off my back," said Alabama nose tackle Josh Chapman, who will line up with just a center between him and Mackey when Alabama plays at Ole Miss Saturday. "We just play football here, play to our standard. I haven't heard anything about [the quote]. We just go out and play."

Which got around to the question: Who is Josh Chapman's favorite superhero.

"I like Superman," he said. "I like the Hulk," added the 6-1, 310-pound strongman.

Mackey and his Mississippi teammates may have seen Chapman recently. He was on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated after Alabama throttled Florida in Gainesville, 38-10.

Chapman admitted to "a lot of name-calling" from his teammates when he appeared on the cover of the magazine. but, he said, "It's the same old same old around here. It is what it is."

There was no SI curse. "Nah," he said. "I played pretty good" in last week's 34-0 win over Vanderbilt.

This week Chapman and his teammates head to Oxford to take on the Ole Miss Rebels in a Southeastern Conference game at 5 p.m. CDT on ESPN2. Alabama is 6-0 overall and 3-0 in the SEC, Mississippi 2-3 overall and 0-2 in the conference.

Much of the nation has conceded the remaining October schedule of Alabama and LSU in anticipation of that Nov. 5 match-up in Tuscaloosa. Chapman was getting into LSU.

Asked if Alabama and LSU had separated themselves from the rest of the conference, Chapman said, "There are a lot of teams out there that are great. We just try to play to our standard. You've got to focus. We're playing in a hard conference in the SEC. Vanderbilt is a great team. You can't play down to any standard. We've got to get that rolling."

He wouldn't even admit to having seen LSU.

"I'm just watching the Black Bears right now."

Ole Miss has changed its mascot to a black brear,although the nickname is still Rebels.

Chapman said the defensive line still has a lot of work to do. "We're out there trying to live up to our standard of football in stopping the run and stopping the pass and being physical for 60 minutes," he said. "I like to hear ‘Three and out.' You feed off that. ‘Three and out. Three and out.'"

And, he added, "Don't pull on my cape." No, just kidding. He didn't say that.

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