Lifting not forgotten during Interim

As last week's photo report illustrated, the Tide football squad is emphasizing running and conditioning during the summer Interim period. But under the direction of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard, work in the weight room continues to be a top priority as well.

(Above left) Triandos Luke works out in the Alabama weight room. A little more than a third of the Alabama squad is in Tuscaloosa and working out under the direction of the Alabama Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Tight end David Cavan cleans the bar to his chest. As the picture clearly shows, the hang clean requires a combination of strength and agility, which is one reason the Tide coaches favor it so much. Done correctly, it builds explosive power in an athlete--perfect for football.

Sophomore Brodie Croyle strains under the weight of the bar. Quarterbacks really don't want to get too muscle-bound in their upper bodies, but strong legs are essential, which of course is the purpose of the squat.

A few athletes stayed in town for Interim term so as not to interrupt their rehab. Reserve offensive guard Danny Martz exercises his right leg with the help of a machine, working to strengthen his knee and the surrounding muscles as he recovers from surgery.

Tight end Clint Johnston (left) and defensive tackle Taylor Britt (right) share a laugh. Both stayed in Tuscaloosa during the Interim term to get a jump-start on summer workouts.

Sophomore middle linebacker Freddie Roach prepares to lift. As noted last week, Roach is working to lose weight this summer in order to increase his foot speed. But though summer is a time to work particularly on conditioning, lifting to get stronger never ends.

With Brodie Croyle watching in the background, Triandos Luke squats with the safety bar. Since the bar utilizes a padded collar and the athlete can use hand grips to steady himself, the lift isn't a true squat. But it allows the player to continue working his leg muscles without any risk of injury.

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