How Three-Way Tie Plays Out In SEC

Five teams remain alive for the Southeastern Conference Championship Game berths, although the odds are very high that it will be Georgia from the East against LSU from the West. The SEC title game will be played Dec. 3 in Atlanta.

Alabama lost control of its destiny when the Crimson Tide fell to LSU, 9-6, in overtime on Nov. 5. Still, Bama, along with LSU and Arkansas, are mathematically alive for the Western Division crown. In the East, Georgia needs only to defeat Kentucky. Otherwise, South Carolina will be in the title game.

LSU will go to Atlanta if the Tigers defeat Ole Miss and Arkansas.

Arkansas will go if the Razorbacks defeat Mississippi State and LSU and Alabama loses to Auburn.

Alabama will go if the Tide defeats Auburn and LSU loses its two remaining game.

There is one other route for Bama involving the Crimson Tide defeating Auburn, LSU defeating Ole Miss, and Arkansas beating Mississippi State and LSU. That would leave Alabama (which defeated Arkansas in regular season play), LSU, and Arkansas all with 7-1 conference records.

In case of a three-way tie between Alabama, Arkansas and LSU, all with 7-1 marks, and all have one-loss in the three-team subset, the tie-breaker would go to the seventh criteria of tie-breaker.

That is the BCS tie-breaker.

In this instance, the third team would be eliminated and, if the second team is five spots or less from the top team, head-to-head result would be used to break tie. If the top team is more than five spots ahead of the second team, it would be the divisional representative in the SEC Championship Game.

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