Ala. All-Stars: Q&A

The 25th annual Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic is held in Montgomery, Ala. Saturday, December 10th with kick-off at 12:30 p.m. The two teams started practicing for the event on Tuesday. Andrew Bone held a short Q&A on Wednesday afternoon between practice sessions.

Alabama All-Stars discussed:

BF: any news on Jameis Winston?

Andrew Bone: He is saying he is still solid to FSU. Probably won't make a final decision until signing day.

MaroonGopher: What can you tell about DeAnte Lawrence and Jalen Whitlow and visits to Minnesota?

Andrew Bone: Whitlow is waiting to see if any SEC schools decide to offer. Ole Miss may offer. [Whitlow de-committed from Arkansas State]. Lawrence and Whitlow will take officials to Minnesota. I think anything can happen at this point.

GT: Who is standing out this weeK? I heard R Anderson and C Ward are beast...

Andrew Bone: Guys who have stood out to me- Ryan Anderson, Jameis Winston, T.J. Yeldon, Reggie Ragland, Tyler Hayes [watching Ala. All-Stars]

Crimson: Seen several people saying AU now leads for Channing Ward.. any truth to that?

Andrew Bone: Some people are saying that... I don't know what he will do. A little chatter around here is watch out for Ole Miss.

Crimson: % Yeldon signs with AU?

Andrew Bone: I think he is pretty solid.

Jim: Gulledge taking an official to that just to take a visit or is it a concern...
Andrew Bone: No concern.

Crimson: Saw the Gulledge interview... kinda shocked to see that the staff want him at DE. Does that suprise you?

Andrew Bone: It does surprise me. I can't see that lasting long once he arrives on campus.

Jim: Why is Anderson not rated higher in the "star" rankings?

Andrew Bone: Junior film wasn't that impressive. He really came on strong as a senior. Expect him to get re-evaluated.

Cougar: Why had [Justin] Burdette not been recruited heavily? He's got major talent.

Andrew Bone: I think he is a good player. Top end speed may have hurt him a little. I think some small schools should jump on him late. Sure-hands.

Nathan: You have tweeted a couple times about Clay-Chalkville WR Justin Burdette. What's his status

Andrew Bone: He doesn't have any offers right now. Some smaller schools are looking at him. I know some schools are waiting on a few others before they decide about offering him. I think he is a good player though. Runs great routes.

gene: Does Ward land up at Bama??

Andrew Bone: No..I don't believe so.

west: I was really suprised to see tyler hayes talking ABOUT h-back and ragland talking about tight end. Are we that deep at backer that the #1 rated could move to offense and top safety to WR?

Andrew Bone: Alabama has a stacked team. They have superior athletes who have the ability to move around to different positions. I am sure they just wanted to ask Ragland and Hayes where they prefer to play.

Crimreaper: What are you hearing on Winston?

Andrew Bone: Taking all five visits.. Ohio St working to become a contender.

Andrew Bone: That's all for today. Sorry I have to cut it short. I am heading back to the practice field for the afternoon practice session. I'll make up for the short recruiting chat next week. See you later.

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