Workers toe the starting line

Eagerly anticipated for years now, construction on the annex to Alabama's existing Football Complex is about to begin. Workers this week prepared to raze the existing Tennis Stadium, providing an area for supplies and heavy equipment.

(Above left) With the fencing taken down, the area where the new Alabama Football Weight Room will be built is ready for construction.

Workmen use scaffolding to remove the fencing around the old Tennis Stadium. Rains delayed the work somewhat, but the electricity has been cut and the fencing has come down, meaning serious work is about to begin. To the right are the existing Tennis Stadium stands. By the way, in the background depth-of-field plays a trick on the viewer, making it appear that the Indoor Practice Facility is right there, when actually it's more than 100 yards in the distance.

Looking across the parking lot toward the area where the addition will be built. To the far left is the North edge of the existing Football Complex. Immediately in front where two tennis courts used to be, including part of an existing parking lot, the Football Complex Annex will go up. The bottom floor will be taken up by a state-of-the-art weight room, while offices and a suite for entertaining recruits will go on the second floor.

The artist's rendering of how the new complex will look. A new entryway will be added to the existing structure to the left, while new construction will "tag on" to the present building, adding more than 30,000 square feet of new space in all.

Looking at the existing edge of the Football Complex. Several offices, including those of coaches Kines and Randolph, will be temporarily displaced by the construction. The artist's renderings indicate the new construction will take up the area of the existing tennis courts and then some. Expansion and remodeling will add over 30,000 square feet to the existing football building.

Looking across the existing parking lot into the present Tennis Stadium. After the stands are razed, the stadium floor will be a construction area for the next several months. When finished, plans call for the two existing "short practice fields" beside the Indoor Practice Facility to be lengthened to take up the space formerly occupied by the Tennis Stadium.

Obviously the tennis teams won't be put out on the street. Initial site preparation began this week on the new Tennis Stadium to be constructed on the East side of Fifth Avenue East next to the existing Softball Stadium. The picture was taken down the hill looking North. Softball Stadium buildings can be seen to the right. Once water and electricity are taken care of, grading the site can begin in earnest.

The artist's rendering of how the new Tennis Stadium will look when completed. The Softball and Tennis Stadiums will share the parking lot (below). The new Tennis Stadium will include elevated seating facing all courts, offices and lockerroom area underneath, and an elevator from the first level up to the seating area.

The University tracks on-going Construction Projects on its website. All Design Projects, including projected costs and projected completion dates are also tracked.

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