Marcus Ward talks Junior Day

Marcus Ward, cornerback from Birmingham-Vestavia, Ala., is receiving a lot of interest from one SEC school. Ward has good size and plays for one of the top programs in the state. Andrew Bone has the latest about the Junior Day visit and more...

"Alabama is the only school showing interest in me," said Marcus Ward. "They invited me to the Georgia Southern game. I went to the game with my parents. The next day I had 66 letters in the mail from them. It was a bunch of info about the school.

"Since then I have been receiving about two letters each week from Alabama. They invited me to their championship celebration. I went down there for that. They also invited me to their Junior Day this weekend."

Ward talked about his visit to Tuscaloosa and more on the Tide's interest.

"The Junior Day trip was really awesome," he said. "A lot of the stuff I was already accustomed to. I did the tours at the celebration. I didn't get to talk to the head of the training staff or Scott Cochran last week, so that was good. It was a good overall trip. It was good being around the coaches."

"The coaches are showing a lot of interest in me. They are saying they like my height. They like my grades. I have a 3.75 GPA and scored a 25 on the ACT. The first time I went down there Nick Saban said he likes my height and I am the ideal size for what they are looking for. They want me to come to camp and continue to visit. They are coming to watch me in the spring.

"I talked to coach Lance Thompson. He is my recruiting coach. He told me when I come to camp I am going to be with Nick [Saban]. He said the three things they are going to look for is playing the long ball, long ball speed and seeing if I can come up and tackle. Speed is definitely the number one thing I am going to work on."

Don't expect Alabama to remain as the only school to show interest, but for now the Tide has a reason for a lofty spot on Ward's list.

"I like everything about them," Ward said of Alabama. "I love how they make you feel like you are already there. If I get a scholarship I know I would probably commit the first time I get it. That's where I want to be."

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound defensive back is hopeful other schools take notice of his talent.

"I would love to hear from Auburn, Vanderbilt or someone in this area," he said. "I went to Vanderbilt's camp. Coach Pry told me he would keep in touch. I haven't received any letters from them. I would love to go to any SEC school. I would love to go even somewhere like South Alabama. I am good freinds with Drew Dearman who is down there."

Ward recorded 53 tackles in 2011, one interception and 11 pass break-ups.

"This year was a slow year for me," Ward said. "Teams just wouldn't throw to my side. I would say my strength is playing the ball. When it's in the air I go get it. I would have to come up and make a tackle because they would throw it under me.

Ward has his plans laid out for the off-season.

"I am definitely trying to work on my speed," he said. "I wouldn't say I am the fastest guy out there. This whole off-season I am working on my speed. I am working on my strength. The main thing is my speed though."

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