"He's a very unselfish player."

Caleb Gulledge, rated a three-star offensive tackle from Prattville, Ala., is expected to get his first look on the defesnive line at Alabama. Gulledge talked about 'Why Alabama, and his former head coach talked in-depth of the lineman's versatility.

Caleb Gulledge
Scout.com Rating: Three-star
Scout.com Rank: No. 66 Offensive Tackle
Size: 6-foot-4, 280-pounds
High School: Prattville, Ala.

Stats: Gulledge graded out more than 80-percent on the offensive line in every game during the 2011 season. He helped Prattville win the Class 6A state championship.

Commit Date: 10/02/2010
Recruiting Competition: Auburn, Florida State, Kentucky, LSU, Wake Forest

Why Alabama: "Awesome school. I love the program, coaches and the system. I love coach Saban. I love the system at Alabama though. Even if Nick Saban leaves Alabama I would stay with them because of the system they have set up there. It's set up to help you succeed. I kind of stood back from being a fan and was looking it more from a recruiting standpoint and tried to see what was best for my future. Coach Saban is a great coach, but I felt that if he were to leave the program that Alabama has set up would still fall into place and still be the best choice for me.

"Whereas, if I went to LSU and their coach left, I felt unsure of how everything would fall in place. I feel really comfortable at Alabama, and I feel like it's my school. I took my visits and felt like LSU and Bama had the best coaches and schools. I took my time and looked at them both very carefully. I went to Bama a lot, and every time I went I just felt at home. I get along with the coaches, and I love the school. I love their academics, the way they have the dorms, and everything. I really love it. I have no second thoughts at all." ??

Strength/Improvements: "I feel like on the defensive side I get through anyone who gets in my way. I love coming off the edge. Sacking the quarterback is the best feeling in the world."

Coach Quotes: "Caleb has grown as a leader in his class," said Prattville head coach Jamey DuBose. "In the weight room he continues to get stronger. He's got a big upside. I think his best days are ahead of him on the football field.

"He's a very unselfish player. Everybody, including Alabama, projects him on the defensive side of the ball. We have a lot of kids on defense, so we asked him to go the other way. He's responded marvelously. We like using his great size and athleticism to protect off the edge. There's potential from him to play on either side of the ball. If he continues to grow and reaches 6-7 I could easily see him playing offensive tackle in college. He's got excellent footwork, all the physical attributes you look for, and moves well from side-to-side.

"Caleb is number one, an exceptional football player. He is very strong. He is a hard worker. He is a leader and when I say a leader, he leads by example. He's a vocal leader. Sometimes you get them that lead by example or sometimes you get them and they are vocal. He does both. He is going to lead team meetings. He is also going to lead by doing things right and doing the things he needs to do and working hard.

"A good example of that is Caleb is going to start playing D-line at Alabama. He was playing D-line here, but we were about one guy short up on the offensive line. We had an exceptional group for us on the D-line this year with a lot of talent and a lot of depth, but we approached Caleb about coming over and playing O-line. I've never made anybody change positions. Caleb thought about it and came back to me, and he said, "Coach if it will help us win a state championship I will play O-line." That is the kind of person that he is. He thought of the team first.

"It didn't matter what he wanted because truthfully down in his heart I think he wants to play D-line, but he wanted to do whatever we needed him to do with the coaching staff for us to win. That says a lot about a high school kid and a high profile kid that would do that for the team and help his team out to win a state championship. I think whatever direction he ends up going in his career I think after playing O-line he saw that he could be an exceptional offensive lineman, but who knows. He is a very talented kid.

"Caleb is one of those kids like Nick Perry for instance, he had several offers and when he got the Alabama offer he looked at me and said, "Coach that's it. I've always wanted to go there." Caleb was the same way. He had a lot of people looking at him, but when he got the Alabama offer that was what he wanted.

"I'm not even sure in his past if he was an Alabama, Abuurn fan or what, but there was something about the offer to Alabama when he received it. He was very excited. He committed early as a junior, and he has stuck through his commitment the whole way. People have come in and offered him since and ask, but Caleb has been solid to his commitment."

Andrew Bone says: "Gulledge has good size and can play on either side of the ball. He is a smart player and understands the game. He is quick off the ball and does a great job with the use of his hands. He the physical tools to become an outstanding defensive end in a 3-4 scheme at the next level. Gulledge is a tough, physical player who has the potential to become a great guard in college if Alabama decides to move him to the offensive side of the ball."

Rebecca Johnston contributed to this report.

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