"He is a gentle giant."

Brandon Greene, four-star offensive tackle from Ellenwood-Cedar Grove, Ga., talked 'Why Alabama' along with his coach who talked in-depth of his star athlete.

Brandon Greene
Scout.com Rating: Four-star
Scout.com Rank: No. 20 Offensive Tackle
Size: 6-foot-6, 295-pounds
School: Ellenwood, Ga. (Cedar Grove)
Projected Position: Offensive Tackle

Commit Date: 3/05/2011
Recruiting Competition: Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee

Strengths/Improvements: "Right now I am 6-foot-6, 295-pounds. I try to beat you with my smarts. I know what is going to happen before it happens. If you are smart you don't have to be the strongest or fastest player on the field. You need to be fundamentally sound. I want to work on strength and speed. That is why I lift everyday. I try to get better."

Why Alabama: "It's Alabama. I wanted to go there since I was a kid," Greene told Scout.com "I always felt at home there. It's a great family atmosphere. I have a real good relationship with coach Stoutland. It feels like I am already part of the Alabama family when I talk to them, and I am excited about my future there.

"They treated my mom like royalty. If my mom likes something I know I am going to like it. She fell in love with Alabama, and I got the OK from her to commit. I really like the family atmosphere at Alabama. I feel like everyone is welcome there.

"The University of Alabama is a big-time school. It's truly an honor to have a chance to play there. I can play where some of the greats have played. I feel like they can help me, and I can help them. They also have a good school for my major which is Culinary Arts."

Coach Quotes: "He is a gentle giant," said Cedar Grove head coach Ray Bonner. "A kid that worries about his family. His twin brother and sister, they are everything, and his mom are the most important thing to him. I would say he has faith, his family, and then he has footbal. It is probably in that order.

"It's been a pleasure for four years to have coached him and to have been able to get to know him. I think once he goes to Alabama and gets a chance to really grow and really learn football he's going to be a great football player for the University of Alabama.

"He has to get stronger, just his upper body strength. He's 18, and he's going to be competing against guys that are 20-21. That's the only thing he has to do is get stronger. Once he gets a year of college lifting and all that…..oh he's going t be a terror to be reckoned with.

"Overall I think he can play any position on the offensive line. I think he can be a great center, but he wants to be an offensive tackle. I think whatever he wants to accomplish he's that type of guy. If he wants to be an offensive tackle he will be one, but he would be a great center or a great guard along with being an offensive tackle. Any position on the offensive line I think he can play it.

"We put him at left tackle because we throw the ball all the time. I think in the three years that he's played that position for me I think he gave up two-year sacks in three years. Some people have made some plays, but just giving up a sack, no. He's so athletic.

"He has so much flexibility in his lower body. He's not stiff, he can bend at the knees or ankles or his feet. He just has flexibility.

"His mom is his biggest influence, but he does a lot of things that he does that leads me to think that his little brother and sister [second grade] are the most precious commodity that an older brother could have.

"He would have to leave school as soon as the bell rang, go pick them up and make sure they were OK, and then he would come to practice. That was a ritual. He carried them home, and I assume he waited until his mom got there. Then he would come on to practice.

"I remember he went on an unofficial visit [to Alabama], and I had no idea what was going on. He and his mom called me and said, "Coach I want to go to University of Alabama." I had no idea Brandon was even thinking like that. It was a shock to me because he is so quiet and laid back. I didn't think he was even thinking about college at the time."

Andrew Bone says: "Brandon Greene has the size and frame to become an elite offensive lineman at the next level. He is very athletic for his size and does a good job moving his feet. He is still a raw prospect with a developing body. He does a great job drive blocking. He is flexible and does a good job coming off the ball."

Rebecca Johnston contributed to this report.

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