"There is nothing like Alabama."

Brandon Hill, rated a three-star offensive guard from Collierville-St. George's, Tenn., talked 'Why Alabama' along with his head who talked in-depth of the superior lineman.

Brandon Hill
Scout.com Rating: Three-star
Scout.com Rank: No. 25 Offensive Guard
Size: 6-foot-6, 350-pounds
High School: Collierville, Tenn. (St. George's)
Projected Position: Offensive Tackle

Stats: Hill did not play his junior season after transferring to St. George's. He helped them win the state championship during his senior season.

Commit Date: 11/10/2011
Recruiting Competition: Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Tennessee

Why Alabama: "I used to say Miss State No. 1.. Then I went to Alabama, and I was like 'Wow'," Hill told Scout.com. "We tried to make a choice as to why not this school. We went to Alabama, and it was a great environment, great fan support, great coaches, great players, a great state to compete in. I could't find any reason why not to go to Alabama.

"Told my coach I was ready to make my decision. I went down to Alabama when they played LSU at home. I called coach Groh and told him before I went there. I then sat down with Coach Saban when I was down there and let him know I was ready to commit. It's just a great environment. I really like it there. I plan on majoring in Sports Management. There is nothing like Alabama. It's a real good school."

Strength/Improvements: "I am run blocker. They tell me to run and go, I'm gone. I can deal with pass blocking. It doesn't excite me too much. I have to sit there and make sure my quarterback doesn't get hit. On the high school level I just punch.

"My arms are so long they aren't going to get by me. I want to be down to 315-pounds by the time I get to Alabama. I want to be in good shape. Coaches like my quick feet. They said I need to improve my flexibility. I need to work on my pass protection a lot. I need to understand it better. I'm so used to grabbing and pushing and running with my feet instead of kicking back and being patient and let the defensive player come to me."

Coach Quotes: "Brandon, sizewise, is a big kid. He also has a big personality and truly enjoys being out there whether it be practice or games," said coach Cole Hoppe Quarterbacks/Offensive Planning Coach and SID. "He has a big time, and obviously did some great things for us. This year, as far as running the football, we made a commitment during the playoffs to run the football. He did a great job opening up some big holes for us, and was one of the big reasons that we were able to win the state championship this year.

"He is very good at both [run and pass blocking]. For as big as he is he moves very well on his feet. He did not give up any sacks this year, so he was excellent in pass protection as well. But run blocking we ran the ball a lot more than we threw it especially down the stretch of the season. He excelled run blocking as well.

"He played right tackle on offense and defensive tackle. From everything we've heard he is going to stay at tackle. He was good in man-blocking, zone-blocking. We used him a lot at point, so he was very versatile as to what he could do in the run game. He helps us a lot defensively plugging up holes as a defensive tackle.

"I would definitely say he is vocal [leader]. Regardless of the situation he is always the kid that has a smile on his face. He always stayed positive even though we went through a rough stretch during the season.

"He would always come by, and he would be smiling and always talk about "we are going to win state." We were on a two-three game losing streak, but he was always positive. I would also say he's a jokester as well. He likes to have a good time.

"He visited quite a few schools during the summer, went to quite a few camps. I think the success that Alabama has had over the last four-five years, and I think truly he just fell in love with the place when he went down for a camp this summer.

"Talking to Coach Saban he had nothing but good things to say about Coach Saban. When you tie all those things together I think they were the leader from the point that he went to that camp.

"He talked a lot about the structure and just being there and seeing how their program is run. Coach Saban was not only excellent in talking to Brandon, but just how Coach Saban conducted himself. That was a big plus for him."

Andrew Bone says: "Brandon Hill had to overcome a lot of adversity and missed his junior season of football after transferring schools. Hill improved his grades and worked hard to shed excess weight. Hill is a big-bodied player who has unbelievable potential. His moves extremely well for his size and a powerful player. The sky is the limit."

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