'BAMA Picks Tide Best In Recruiting

Many years ago the sports editor of one of the mid-size newspapers in the state made a decision. Just because his newspaper's editorial staff had decided to endorse Albert Brewer for governor, the sports editor proclaimed, "the sports page endorses George Wallace."

And so we at 'BAMA Magazine and Bamaag.com now proclaim Alabama as having won the 2012 national football recruiting championship!

Never mind all those combines and all-star games and Friday nights the Scout.com professionals have spent watching and measuring and timing high school prospects coast-to-coast. Everyone knows they got a look at those big ol' Texas boys and decided to give the honor to the Texas Longhorns. After all, there is no state with as many high school football studs as Texas, and the university in Austin gets to pick and choose which ones it wants. So Texas has to be number one.

Even 'BAMA Magazine and Bamaag.com admit those Texas boys look good getting off the bus – big, strong looking boys, even if they do walk like they are trying either to hold something in or push something out. They have a funny look about them.

But that matters not at all to us. The Crimson Tide is number one! I suspect Alabama is looking for a new trophy case for all the hardware that comes from winning a national recruiting championship.

Oh, what's that? There isn't a recruiting trophy? So 'BAMA Magazine and Bamaag.com is spared the expense of a crystal FAX machine or something?

That's almost like saying Alabama has to actually win games with this number one recruiting class if it really wants recognition. And Nick Saban probably thought he had done all he needed to do.

So Saban and his coaches and players can't relax, but all those Alabama fans in a tizzy that Scout.com didn't select the Crimson Tide best in recruiting can now unwind. 'BAMA Magazine and Bamaag.com has righted the wrong.

One of the nice things about the 'BAMA Magazine and Bamaag.com rankings is we don't have to bother with ranking any other teams or any prospects at all. Our work is done.

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