Nick Saban Receives Grant Teaff Award

Hendersonville, Tenn. – Every year, the Grant Teaff "Breaking the Silence" Award is presented by The Jason Foundation (JFI) at the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Convention to honor the coach that exceeded expectations as a National Awareness Ambassador. On January 10th, JFI presented the award to The University of Alabama's Coach Nick Saban.

In announcing the award, The Jason Foundation said Nick Saban is not only "seen as a winner on the championship field, but his efforts in youth suicide prevention and awareness are remarkable and highly valued by" the foundation.

It was also pointed out that the award came to Saban in the same week his Alabama Crimson Tide football team won the BCS national championship game.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for our nation's youth, ages 10-24, representing the age group that AFCA Coaches have the opportunity to impact, and that's why Saban first got involved in 2004.

"I am proud to accept this award for all the AFCA Coaches who have given of their time to help with The Jason Foundation's efforts. Together we make a difference, one person at a time," said Saban in regards to his receiving the award.

Clark Flatt, JFI President/CEO said, "Coach Saban continuously offers a helping hand in any way that he can to help educate people about youth suicide prevention & awareness, and he always makes time to listen."

Coach Saban has spoken at numerous affiliate office opening receptions for JFI, as well as participated in public service announcements.

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