Tide offers in-state athlete

Jason Smith, quarterback from Mobile-McGill-Toolen, Ala., was offered a scholarship from the University of Alabama at Junior Day. He spent a lot of time with head coach Nick Saban who talked a future position if Smith plays college football in Tuscaloosa.

"Alabama offered me," said Jason Smith. "Coach Saban basically said he will let me come in as a quarterback. He will let me try out at that position. He said if it doesn't work out they will put me in a good position.

"He said I will have to look to the future to see what position I will play at the end of my career. He said I am an athlete. He said he doesn't want me wasting my talent at one position. If it works out at quarterback it works out, but if it doesn't he wants me at another position. He doesn't want me wasting my talent on the bench.

"He was being straight up with me and telling me how it is. I didn't take it offensive at all. That's what I like about him. He tells me what he is looking for in a player. This is his team. That goes to every coach in America.

Smith's best part of his time at the Capstone?

"I have been up there several times," he said. "Just sitting down with coach Saban; he is real nice. I met quite a few recruits up there.

"I like the people up at Alabama. They are nice just like the other schools I have visited. Them looking at me as a recruit excites me. I don't have any favorites right now. Everyone is equal."

The 6-foot-1, 173-pound prospect has scholarship offers from Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss and UAB.

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