No pain, no gain

As every football coach will confirm, most football games are not won in the fall, but rather in the weight room during long summer months of workouts.

(Above left) Senior defensive end Leslie Williams on the front squat. With Todd Bates sidelined for the year, Williams suddenly becomes a crucial member of the Tide rotation at defensive end.

Speaking of crucial athletes, junior Ahmad Childress works on his chest and arms. Though he needs to improve his conditioning this summer, Childress was Alabama's most effective defensive tackle by the end of spring drills. He played well last season as a backup, but both he and Anthony Bryant must step their games up to the next level and assume a starting role.

Another projected new starter, Roman Harper works at the incline dumbbell press. According to his coaches, Harper has all-star ability. He just needs experience, which can only be gained on Saturdays in the fall. And 10-15 more pounds of bulk wouldn't hurt either.

So you want to be a college linebacker? Senior Brooks Daniels' face shows all you need to know about the effort required. After deciding to come back for his final season, Daniels hopes to set the Alabama career record for total tackles and become the first Tide player to record 100+ tackles three consecutive years.

The rise of Ramzee Robinson on the depth chart might have surprised some fans, but his coaches predicted it all along. Only a redshirt freshman this year, Robinson is expected to be Bama's first cornerback off the bench and No. 1 at the nickel back position.

Alabama's other bookend linebacker, Cornelius Wortham prepares to squat with Strength Coach Terry Jones Sr. spotting. As the arms clearly show, during his Crimson Tide career Wortham has built himself into one of the most impressive athletes on the squad. Together, Wortham and Daniels will form arguably the best outside linebacking duo in the SEC this season.

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