Monster lineman ready to move

Darren Lake, defensive tackle from York-Sumter Central, Ala., signed with the Crimson Tide in February. He is training hard in the off-season preparing for the arrival in Tuscaloosa. Andrew Bone caught up with the UA signee who discussed more of his routine.

"I am supposed to start June 1," Darren Lake said. "I am probably going to get up there either May 27 or May 28. I am ready to get there.

"I haven't been able to get to any of their spring practices yet. I was supposed to go last weekend. I plan on going to their spring game April 14."

Lake is keeping in touch with his future position coach.

"I have been talking to coach Rumph," he said. "I also talk to coach Jody Wright. Coach Rumph has just been telling me I need to run. He tells me to run a lot. That's the main thing he tells me to do.

"They sent me the work-out program. It's been going all right. It's been a little tough with all the running. I am doing it though. I want to be ready when I get there. I am doing all the stuff they are doing right now."

The monster signee is currently 6-foot-4, 340-pounds. Alabama is looking for help in the middle this fall. Lake will have an opportunity to contribute.

"I am really trying to work on my speed and quickness," Lake said. "That is the main thing I am working on. The coaches have told me if I come in and work hard enough I will have a good chance at some playing time this fall."


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