Bryant Museum Thinks About 2013

Fred Thompson, who played the district attorney on the erstwhile television series "Law & Order," concluded a show discussing the terrorist attack of 9/ll with, "If we had been more vigilant, September 11 would still be known as Bear Bryant's birthday."

At The University of Alabama and among Crimson Tide fans, it still is. Plans have already begun for a monster celebration that is over a year away – Paul W. Bryant's 100th birthday.

On September 11, 2013, Bryant would have turned 100 years old. With about 15 months before this centennial, the folk at the Paul W. Bryant Museum are brainstorming ideas of how to commemorate this special occasion.

Museum director Ken Gaddy is thinking big because there is so much to include.

"It's what to leave out, not to put in," Gaddy said.

Gaddy said he'd love to know what Alabama fans want to see in Bryant's centennial celebration. He welcomes suggestions.

Speakers and panel discussions with people who were close to Bryant, wrote about Bryant, played for Bryant, etc., can be expected.

There also has been talk of a glossy photo book that could include stunning pictures of his playing and coaching days. Another suggestion is for a book of interviews of people reflecting on their favorite Bryant stories.

Gaddy mentioned that this also could be an opportunity to make some type of exhibit or memorial for the tornado.

And whatever is eventually decided for the centennial, Gaddy said that perhaps they could make it into a traveling symposium within the state and maybe even outside, too.

"Nothing is set in stone," Gaddy said. "We want to know what fans would like to see."

There are many things on and around The University of Alabama campus that honor Bryant—Bryant Drive, Paul W. Bryant Bridge, Bryant Hall, Bryant Conference Center, Bryant Museum, Bryant-Denny Stadium, etc. The extraordinary role he played in Crimson Tide football tradition will never be forgotten, and particularly in 2013, neither will the anniversary of his birth.

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