Bone's Bulletin Board 6.27.12

The University of Alabama is hosting an elite prospect on campus and a dozen more prospects announced their college decision in the last 24 hours.

Jalen Tabor, cornerback from Edison-Friendship High School in Washington, D.C., plans to spend time on the Alabama campus on Wednesday. The class of 2014 prospect is considered one of the best in next year's class.


LeShun Daniels, running back, to Boston College.
Darron Lee, three-star safety, to Ohio State.
Nate Jeppesen, three-star offensive guard, to Toledo.
Devaris Brunson, four-star outside linebacker, to East Carolina.
Milan Collins, three-star safety, to Maryland.
Pete Cender, tight end, to Air Force.
Christian Morgan, four-star tight end, to Florida State.
Jack McDonald, three-star offensive tackle, to Virginia.
Danny Mattingly, four-star outside linebacker, to Notre Dame.
Landon Stokes, defensive end, to Vanderbilt.
D.J. Smoot, defensive end, to Illinois.
Brandon Fields, quarterback to Fordham.


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