ACC Interested In Football Vs. SEC

SEC football has dominated the BCS National Championship Game the last half dozen years winning every contest. The longest unprecedented success by a major conference in the history of college football was guaranteed to continue prior to the 2012 January kickoff since the matchup was between Western Division foes Alabama and LSU.

Prevailing wisdom sweeping the college football landscape is four conferences are positioned to outmuscle the rest – Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC.

Any thoughts SEC Commissioner Mike Slive would be complacent vanished with the proposed Champions Bowl Game. The attractive Big 12-SEC annual clash figures to enhance the coffers even more than the BCS arrangement.

Big Ten and Pac-12 Commissioners Jim Delany and Larry Scott were brainstorming a protection plan as well. Not only does the alliance between the Midwest and West coast exist with the Rose Bowl pact but the two leagues agreed to regular season games fortifying the strength of schedule, designated to be a key component considered by the yet to be formed selection committee naming the four teams for a playoff.

Conferences loitering outside the fantastic four have options to rectify the impenetrable football fortress. 'BAMA Magazine/ has learned the Atlantic Coast Conference has been floating the idea of a strategic union with a neighboring league to aid the cause.

Pittsburgh and Syracuse will be joining the 12 ACC teams in 2013 or 2014 to transform the league to mirror the SEC number of 14.

Seven games already pit SEC teams against ACC teams for the 2012 season if future ACC member Syracuse is included. Currently Florida, Georgia and South Carolina compete in the year end rivalry games against Florida State, Georgia Tech and Clemson in intrastate competition. And in recent years, Vanderbilt has finished the season against Wake Forest. The Commodores and Demon Deacons are scheduled to play through at least 2015.

Other 2012 ACC-SEC matchups include Clemson-Auburn and North Carolina State-Tennessee. Future ACC member Syracuse will play Missouri, too.

Can the ACC entice the SEC to lock into an agreement? Anything is possible, but thus far the SEC has not floated the idea or publicly responded to it. Most SEC teams avoid long term home-and-home contracts with out-of-conference teams because of the money that can be made by scheduling a lower level opponent for a home game. SEC teams play eight conference games and four non-conference games.

Annually confronting the most recognized powerful football conference and defeating a fair share of their institutional members in head-to-head matchups would budge the proverbial pendulum currently anchored in the SEC's region. Benefits would accrue in the form of prestige in the eyes of the selection committee and on the recruiting trail. Success on the field with the two-year home/home challenge series has the chance to alleviate the perception of the ACC being second fiddle. Teams objecting to back-to-back games can skip a year if they wish to schedule another conference.

Even if the arrangement is made, the ACC would have the difficult hurdle of actually winning a reasonable number of games against the SEC.

Here's an idea of what might be considered interesting SEC vs. ACC match-ups:

Alabama vs. Maryland

Legendary Coach Paul Bryant began his head coaching career in 1945 with the Terrapins and finished his extraordinary run at his alma mater, Alabama, in 1982.

Arkansas vs. North Carolina State

Another chapter in the Three Little Pigs, with this one a Wolfpack against the Razorbacks.

Auburn vs. Boston College

War Eagle vs. Eagles

Florida vs. Florida State

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech

Kentucky vs. Duke

Fans will be able to get together and discuss the upcoming basketball season.

LSU vs. Virginia Tech

VPI can't stand to be called by the initials and Louisiana State University hates to be listed by its full name.

Texas A&M vs. Miami

Crossing the Gulf Bowl.

Mississippi State vs. Pittsburgh

Jackie Sherrill, who coached both schools successfully, could be the honorary captain every year.

Missouri vs. Syracuse

Two schools noted for their journalism programs – MU print media vs. SU broadcast media.

Ole Miss vs. Virginia

Although noted author John Grisham has homes both in Oxford and Charlottesville, we're more intrigued with the return of Colonel Reb just so he can hobnob with the Cavaliers.

South Carolina vs. Clemson

Tennessee vs. North Carolina

Just because it makes sense as a Border Bowl.

Vanderbilt vs. Wake Forest

It's already working, but we'd call it the Brainiac Bowl.

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