Roommate bonding

What better way to build chemistry between a team's starting quarterback and center than by rooming together? Alabama's A.J. McCarron and Barrett Jones make up quite a dynamic roommate duo.

Who doesn't love a good roommate story?

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and center Barrett Jones are sure to have some good ones. McCarron enlightened some writers in need of a good story Friday after the Crimson Tide's first day of fall camp.

"I love Barrett," McCarron said as a smile swept across his face. "That kid is a handful. I love messing with him. We had a little thing last night. Everything he said I just disagreed with, even if it was 100 percent correct. And he finally looks at me, rolls his eyes and says, ‘I'm going to bed.' I was like, ‘All right, just go.' Me and him are great friends. We mess with each other all the time. It's been a pleasure working with a guy like that."

One of the most important things on any team is chemistry and when your starting quarterback and center have it, that's a major coup.

Jones, last year's Outland Trophy winner who is up for the award—and a few more—this season, recently moved from left tackle to center. He's played just about every position on the offensive line.

McCarron said that Jones' snaps are improving since the position change.

"He's awesome," McCarron said. "We didn't have a missed snap today. I told him I'm waiting to see his shotgun snaps. But it's definitely been a fun experience working with Barrett."

Jones was not available to the media today, but one can bet he'll have something to say about his roomie next time.

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