Tweet with caution

Some college football coaches ban their players from Twitter, but Alabama's Nick Saban said that as long as his guys don't abuse the privilege, they can tweet.

Twitter is a great medium for following news stories, sporting events, networking, seeing pictures from across the world, etc., the list goes on.

In the journalism world, it's become a critical tool in breaking stories, sharing news and spreading information.

But sometimes it can be detrimental to one's image, which is why many college football coaches ban their players from using Twitter.

Earlier this summer, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu had a Twitter tiff and neither was brought to SEC Media Days a couple weeks later. We don't know if Twitter was a culprit, but it certainly didn't help for the players' tète-à-tète to be so public.

So does Alabama head coach Nick Saban have a policy on Twitter, online posting and the like?

"Yeah, I have a policy," he said, smugly. "The policy is if you do it responsibly, you can do it. Abuse brings control. We have a rule that you don't post anything about our team. We monitor what they tweet because A) we don't want them to represent themselves poorly from a character standpoint, and B) we don't want them to do anything representing the team, or what the team is trying to accomplish to be compromised by what they post. So as long as they do that responsibly, I trust them. When they don't, then abuse brings control. Pretty self-explanatory."

So there you have it.

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