Alabama reports 27 secondary rules violations

The University of Alabama made public all 27 of the secondary rules violations committed by the athletics department over the past year. The school released a summary of the violations on their website.

The University of Alabama athletics department committed 27 NCAA secondary rules violations over the last 13 months, according to a summary on the school's website released Tuesday.

Eleven of the violations were impermissible text messages to recruits.

The men's basketball program had the most violations with six and the football and women's basketball programs had four each. Track and field was responsible for three and the other sports—softball, baseball, gymnastics, women's tennis, men's tennis, volleyball and soccer—also had violations, according to the report.

The University compliance offense had a violation, too.

The football violations included: a member of the staff providing impermissible documents to prospective student-athletes, a student-athlete receiving his scholarship check early, a member of the coaching staff accepting a Facebook friend request prior to the permissible date, and a member of the coaching staff sending impermissible text messages to a prospect's father.

These violations were made public on the school's website Tuesday.

Secondary violations typically do not draw NCAA penalties unless an institution makes a habit out of them. They are usually handled by the school.

See all the violations committed here.

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