New players enroll in school

Some years more players are involved than others, but every summer several incoming signees choose to get a head start on their college careers by enrolling for summer term. <br><br>Scholarships don't kick in until fall, which means they're paying their own way.

(Above left) Tim Castille sprints toward the camera. At close to 225 pounds already, Castille doesn't look like a speed back. But the true freshman actually has very good straight-ahead speed for a tailback.

Easily the top-rated kick return man in the state last season, Matt Caddell is also a fine receiver. His quickness will remind some of Freddie Milons, and he has excellent potential catching the football. Given Bama's depth at wideout, it's not likely that he would play this season unless he wins a kick-return job.

Defensive tackle Dominic Lee catches his breath before lifting. As much as any incoming player, fans are anxious to see what Lee looks like--especially given Bama's question marks on the interior of the defensive line. Lee definitely looks like a fine athlete, but whether or not he'll be ready for major-college competition remains to be seen.

Will Roach sits in the weight room, absorbing the Crimson-tinted atmosphere. At one point Roach was considered a prime safety prospect, though he also has the look of a big-play wideout. After watching him in action at a pass skel session, one observer said "He looks like a faster version of his brother to me." No, he wasn't talking about Freddie Roach, who plays middle linebacker for the Tide. Rather he was comparing Will to brother Tim Bowens, Bama's current Director of High School Relations and a former receiver for the Tide ('96-'99).

Playing time this season for Tim Castille will depend in part on how Coach Mike Shula and Offensive Coordinator Dave Rader use their running backs. But if the scheme calls for a bigger back who can also catch the football, Castille could be their man.

Matt Caddell (left) reacts to a zinger from his future quarterback, Brodie Croyle. Along with several other of this year's signees, Caddell enrolled in school early to get a head-start on his conditioning. (That's Triandos Luke in the middle.)

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