QUICK HITS: It's Michigan week

After avoiding questions regarding Michigan the best he could all offseason, Nick Saban addressed Alabama's first opponent during a press conference Monday.

1. It's finally Michigan week. After quashing questions in the preseason regarding Denard Robinson and the Wolverines, Alabama head coach Nick Saban addressed his team's first opponent Monday.

"This is a very challenging game," Saban said. "Michigan's got a very, very good team. They're very well coached. They really do a good job on defense with the scheme that they have. The way they play you on third down is a little bit pro style.

"Offensively, they have probably as significant a player as we've played against maybe since Cam Newton in terms of the quarterback position, in terms of what he can do in the game, in the offense and how the offense is sort of built around and features him as a player."

More on Robinson later.

2. Saban said that he doesn't feel like this team gives off the entitlement vibe at all. He said if they don't play well against Michigan, it won't be due to anyone feeling that way.

"Everybody's going to say if the team doesn't play well, that's because they feel entitled," he said. "But I can tell you from everything they've done from how they reported to fall camp, conditioning test being the tops that we've ever had and the work ethic and all that, if this team isn't successful it's not going to be because of the character and the attitude of the team. It's going to be because of the lack of experience the team has at certain positions and they may make too many mistakes to win it."

3. Running back Eddie Lacy said his injuries are "nothing serious at all." He wouldn't put a percentage on how he's feeling, but said the turf toe is "good" and his sprained ankle and knee are much better. He didn't get into it, just called them "nagging" injuries. He said he rehabs and makes progress everyday.

He'll be fine for Saturday.

4. Saban likes the new rule that makes players who lose their helmet in a game leave the field.

"It's a good rule because I think the rule is about player safety," he said. "There's a lot of examples. In fact, [head of SEC officiating] Steve Shaw visited with our team and showed film of all the times last year that guys' helmets came off and they continued to play...The amazing thing to me is the same guys' helmets come off all the time. What's that tell you? Either it's not fit properly or they're not wearing it properly."

Saban has noticed in a lot of cases, it's because players don't buckle their helmets correctly.

"When I played, we just had one chin strap," he said. "They have one now that's got four buckles. Well, a lot of them just want to buckle two. If you do that and suddenly your helmet gets pushed around, you're going to end up losing your helmet. Then I think that player is at risk, so I think it's a good rule."

5. Senior defensive end Damion Square is looking forward to meeting Robinson on Saturday. In fact he's already thought about how their first interaction should go.

"Bootleg, sack, first play, 13-yard loss," he said, smiling.

Square said he likes to hit quarterbacks a little harder than other players.

"No doubt," he said. "Anytime I get my hands on the quarterback it's trying to make it as ugly as possible. That's just what I do as a D-lineman. You don't get to touch those guys often. Anytime I come off the ball and I put 100 percent effort into pass-rushing, I get my hands on him and I'm going to try and make him remember it.

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