Wilson calls Arkansas teammates quitters

After Alabama crushed Arkansas 52-0 Saturday, Razorbacks' quarterback Tyler Wilson, who didn't play due to a head injury, called his teammates out: "As a leader it sucks to see people not do their jobs and to see things go wrong."

After suffering an "injury above the shoulders" against Louisiana-Monroe last week, Tyler Wilson was not cleared to play against Alabama Saturday.

All week Wilson was listed as day-to-day and a game-time decision. He caused a little chaos--and hope for Razorbacks fans--when he came out of the tunnel, fully dressed, helmet and all, during pregame and was warming up with the other Arkansas quarterbacks, but he never saw game action against the Tide.

And since he didn't play, his presence was not expected in the post-game press conference. But he made an appearance all right. Check out this tweet from reporter Ray Glier:

@RAYGLIER: Ark QB Tyler Wilson marched into press conference called some of his teammates quitters and marched out.

He got out what he wanted to say in 67 seconds:

"I'll start with the football game. First of all, it wasn't very pretty to watch. It wasn't pretty to sit on the sideline and watch as a player. It sucks I cant do anything about it. Do I feel that we, at times, gave up out there? Absolutely. As a leader it sucks to see people not do their jobs and to see things go wrong.

"There have been a lot of things go that way. As a leader, at this point you have to look forward. There have been a lot of people jump off of the bandwagon and it is my job to keep everyone in this organization and this team in that locker room together. I am going to make sure of it going forward.

"We've got a big game against Rutgers next week. I am going to do everything in my power to be a part of it and be the starting quarterback when we run out onto the field. And most importantly, get a win. You have to start with one before you can get the rest of them. I give you my word, I am going to do the best I can to make that happen."

It was kind of Tim Tebow-esq, circa Florida's loss to Ole Miss in 2008.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban called Wilson one of the greatest quarterbacks in the SEC last week and offered similar sentiments Saturday.

"I think everyone should have a tremendous amount of understanding for Arkansas' circumstances," Saban said. "I mean, Tyler Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and the whole program is built around the guy. The whole team is built around the guy in terms of what they do on offense. And they're really good when he's playing.

"He was really good last year and he was really good when he was playing this year until he got hurt. And I'm sure its difficult for their players to know that here's the guy that's the leader of our team and can take our team to the promise land and now he's not out there playing. And the whole team is built around him, what they do on offense, I mean the whole thing, and now he's not there. I think when he comes back ark is going to have a really good football team."

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