Successful surgery for Bozeman

After undergoing ACL surgery on Tuesday, Alabama commit Bradley Bozeman is focused on getting back to 100 percent on an accelerated rehab program. spoke reached his personal trainer for the latest on the offensive lineman's condition and rehab plans.

"Surgery went great," Bradley Bozeman said late Tuesday night. "Doctor said everything was perfect besides the ACL of course, and it was a clean tear. I feel no pain right now!"

Bozeman, the first commit Alabama reeled in for the class of 2013, underwent the surgery on his left knee after suffering the injury on Friday night, as his Roanoke (Ala.) squad pummeled Dallas County (Ala.) High 53-0.

"I'll have to bust my butt again to get back where I was, and I'm willing to do that," the three-star lineman added. "I'm ready to get the surgery over with, start rehab and get back right."

After the procedure, doctors indicated that someone in Bozeman's physical shape should be back near full-strength in three months, and able to resume football activities soon after.

"He will continue to train upper body and did his session Sunday after the injury on Friday," Said Jack Eyer, Bozeman's personal trainer. "He wants to Bench Press 500 pounds by Jan. 1 and only 20 pounds away now.

"We will do extra on legs when he is able to go full bore to catch them up, no problem."

Eyer added that Bozeman will begin rehabbing the injured leg immediately on Wednesday. Work ethic is one of the senior's strengths and helped initially lead him to a scholarship offer form the Crimson Tide - one that the coaches have since assured Bozeman will remain on the table despite the injury - so rehab sessions won't be a problem for the versatile lineman.

"His legs had gotten a lot stronger since April- as this was the third pair of new knee braces he had popped the pins out of," Eyer said of his improvement. "Doctors said it had held his knee in place and that he should not have been able to play any plays."

Bozeman said his legs are developed to the point that it compensated for the torn ligament during the game, enabling him to play two more series after the initial "pop."

As with any procedure, risk of additional injury is a factor going forward – but not for the injured left knee in this case.

"Dr. Cain (who performed the procedure) said there is a greater chance of him tearing the other leg with an ACL than this one," said Eyer. "When it has healed, it will be stronger."

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