We Are Back Where We Belong!

Eddie Lacy isn't the only spinner. After the launch of a new platform that was fraught with problems, the executives of Fox made the decision to revert to the old Scout sites, including BamaMag.com

Although Fox is committed to an updated platform, there will be no changes during football season.

We were fortunate that the misstep came on the weekend of an off week for Alabama football. Nevertheless, everyone associated with BamaMag.com -- those of us on the publishing side and certainly our community of readers -- had a high degree of frustration.

To its credit, the Fox executives recognized the error of the decision and decided to revert to the Scout boards.

The publishers have also made many recommendations to Fox regarding the harm done by the launch.

Just to catch you up, Alabama footballis still number one as the Crimson Tide prepares for its trip to Missouri and the other SEC school in the state has more problems than a Fox launch.

We will be working quickly to get the stories we had placed on the new Fox site on this site, and then go forward with the effort you deserve and expect.

Our apologies for the problems of the past few days, and we look forward to continuing coverage of America's number one athletics program.

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