How BCS Has Tide No. 1 And So What?

It was not a surprise that Alabama was number one in the initial BCS Standings announced Sunday night. After all, the Crimson Tide was number one in every human polls, which still counts for something.

Although there had been some speculation that the computer polls would drop Bama several spots below the top, those models – while ranking the Crimson Tide only third – were not enough to offset Alabama's standing in the Harris and Coaches polls.

Florida, which was third in Harris and fourth in Coaches, was first in the computer polls and second overall. Oregon, second in both polls, was sixth in the computer rankings, but held on to third. Kansas State, fourth in Harris and third in Coaches, was also fourth in computer rankings and fourth overall.

It was a surprise that the computer boys had Notre Dame number two, although it probably should not have been shocking. The Fighting Irish are having their best season in years and were rewarded by the clandestine section of BCS. That put Notre Dame fifth overall, the same as the rankings of the Irish in both human polls.

The Harris Poll, the Coaches Poll, and the combination of five computer rankings each comprise one-third of the calculation. Alabama's BCS average is .9761, Florida .9092, Oregon .8993, Kansas State .8963.

LSU was sixth, South Carolina seventh, Oregon State eighth, Oklahoma ninth, USC 10th, Georgia 11th, Mississippi State 12th, West Virginia 13th, Florida State 14th, Rutgers 15th, Louisville 16th, Texas Tech 17th, Texas A&M 18th, Clemson 19th, Stanford 20th, Cincinnati 21st, Boise State 22nd, TCU 23rd, Iowa State 24th, and Texas 25th.

The computer rankings percentage is calculated by dropping the highest and lowest of the six for each team and averaging the other four.

Alabama was first in two computer rankings, Richard Billingsley and Jeff Sagarin; third in Wes Colley and Peter Wolfe; fourth in Kenneth Massey; and fifth in Anderson & Hester.

Each computer ranking provider accounts for schedule strength with its formula.

The BCS is a five-game arrangement for post-season college football to match the top two teams in the national championship game. Last year, Alabama defeated LSU, 21-0, in the title game at the Louisiana Superdome. The BCS also matches the teams for the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange Bowls.

This is the next-to-last season for BCS rankings, after which a four-team playoff will be used to determine the national champion.

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