Recruits talk LSU-Bama

The hype surrounding the Alabama at LSU game on Saturday has supplied headlines throughout the week. But with game day just about upon us, we asked some of Alabama's top commits and prospects on their thoughts heading into it.

AlabamaLSU will be one of the games of the year it seems, and all the hype will be filtered into the Saturday night game in Baton Rouge, La. But before the players strap on the pads, what do some of Alabama's commits and targets looking forward to going into it?

Take in some analysis, hunches and even predictions from some talented prospects below:

Alabama commits

5-star DE Demarcus Walker – "'Bama by double-digits."

4-star RB Altee Tenpenny- "38-3 ‘Bama. It'll start out as a physical game but as long as Alabama executes and plays mistake free it'll be a cake walk. "

4-star OL Grant Hill – "I'm pretty confident that Alabama can get it done, but I'm always nervous about big games like this. Two good teams going at it…hopefully Alabama can come out on top."

4-star DE/OLB Jonathan Allen – "I predict a 35-7 win over LSU."

4-star DB Maurice Smith – "I think it's going to prove if we are the No. 1 college team in the nation."

3-star QB Parker McLeod – "I'm looking forward to watching it and I think It'll be a great game. I think Alabama will win though. "


Kendell Beckwith (2013 DE) – "It's going to be a great game."

Racean Thomas (2014 RB) – "Should be a hard-fought game. Two good teams…"

Demetrius Knox (2014 OT) – "I was just talking about that…It's going to be a complete blow-out. Alabama (will win)."

Bear Fenimore (2014 QB) – "It will be a hard-fought battle between Alabama and LSU. Both teams come in with a chip on their shoulder, but whoever is more offensively dominant throughout the whole game will win. Also in the kicking game, it will be very important in either team's success."

Jordan Scarlett (2015 RB) – "I think it will be a great game to watch but Alabama will come out with the win."

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