Alabama drops to No. 4 in BCS standings

After being upset by Texas A&M this weekend, the Crimson Tide has dropped to No. 4 in the newest BCS standings. However, if chaos ensues a la 2011, Alabama could still take a trip to Miami in January.

Alabama fans, players and coaches alike will be glued to their TV screens these next three weeks.

After losing to Texas A&M 29-24 over the weekend, the Crimson Tide has dropped to No. 4 in the newest BCS standings. The Aggies zoomed up seven spots to No. 8.

Ahead of Alabama sits No. 1 Kansas State, No. 2 Oregon and No. 3 Notre Dame, while Georgia tails them at No. 5.

Six of the top nine teams in the BCS hail from the SEC—Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina own spots 4-9—which has never happened before.

If two unbeatens go down and the Tide wins their remaining games—this weekend against Western Carolina, Auburn on Nov. 24 and potentially Georgia in the SEC Championship game on Dec. 1—they could take a trip to Miami in January after all.

"Two of the three national championship teams that I've coached both lost a game," said Alabama coach Nick Saban. "This team still has an opportunity to win the West, go to the CEC Championship game and have a chance to win the championship game."

Last year after losing to LSU, the Crimson Tide dropped to No. 3 behind the No. 1 Tigers and No. 2 Oklahoma State. After the Cowboys were shocked by Iowa State, Alabama earned a trip to New Orleans.

This year, the Tide needs two teams ahead of them to lose. Below are those team's remaining schedules:

No. 1 Kansas State

--at Baylor

--vs. No. 15 Texas

No. 2 Oregon

--vs. No. 13 Stanford

--at No. 16 Oregon State

--Pac-12 Championship Game

No. 3 Notre Dame

--vs. Wake Forest

--at No. 18 USC

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