Lester: "I wish I could play [A&M] again"

Alabama safety Robert Lester wishes he could play Texas A&M again, but understands that in order to progress, he must be more focused and help push his team forward so they can be in the best position possible at season's end.

Robert Lester wants to play Texas A&M again. Right now.

After being outplayed and ultimately losing to the Aggies over the weekend, Alabama wishes it could get that sour taste out of its mouth by playing them again. Players are frustrated because they know they made mistakes that cost them the game and are anxious to take their anger out on the field as soon as possible.

"I'm sitting here and I'm ready to play," Lester said Tuesday after practice. "There are so many things I would do differently."

After watching film, the senior safety noticed fundamental mistakes he made and wishes he could get those plays back.

"I would prepare better," he said. "If I was to pay attention to playing better fundamentals, I would have been in a lot better position to make plays."

After playing probably the toughest games in all of college football in consecutive weeks, the Crimson Tide gets a break of sorts these next two weeks, playing two teams—Western Carolina and Auburn—that have a combined 3-17 record. Then if everything goes according to Bama's plan, it will play for the coveted SEC Championship—probably against Georgia—which is something that they didn't get to do last year.

But even though going 3-0 over the next three games will put a pep back in their step, the Tide does not control its bowl fate being ranked fourth in the BCS. So will the players be scoreboard watching these next few weeks to see if two from the Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame crowd fall?

"I definitely don't want to," Lester said. "We need to focus on what we need to do to at least have a chance of getting what we want to get to. We need to focus on winning these games ahead of us and whatever happens at the end of the season happens."

Added running back Eddie Lacy: "If we take care of everything, Miami will take care of itself."

The weeks leading up to the LSU and Texas A&M games, the Alabama coaching staff and players were bombarded by extra interview requests and received even more national attention than usual. So when asked if he'll pay attention to the teams ranked ahead of his, linebacker Nico Johnson shook his head no.

"I try to keep myself motivated, not let myself get caught up in the media," he said. "Some ways it's good and some ways it's bad because you can lose your focus. I think we completely lost focus [last weekend]."

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