Merry Christmas To All

It's the most wonderful time of the year, although my fellow members of the Grown Men Species must not be able to remember from year-to-year that all is not wonderful -- specifically the futility of Christmas shopping on December 24. Were it a movie, it would be "Zombies At The Mall."

We do remember, though, to thank our fellow Alabama fans for being with us here where we can share the joy of being supporters of the Crimson Tide. Please accept our wishes to you and yours for all the best in this holiday season.

In the spirit of this community, we want to wish joy and happiness to Coach Nick Saban and the Bama football team, but also all the coaches, athletes, administrators, staff, and student assistants who toil throughout the year for our enjoyment. For as long as any of us can remember, football has been first at Alabama, but there are championship efforts from all men's and women's athletics at The Capstone.

A particularly "Merry Christmas" to Athletics Director Mal Moore, who sees the big picture and has moved Bama onward and upward.

We thank the coaches and athletes for sharing their stories with us for you through and 'BAMA Magazine. Our holiday cheer, also, to the men and women of Doug Walker's media relations staff in the athletics department and to Ken Gaddy's staff at the Paul W. Bryant Museum for their assistance.

We wish the best for those who work with us in bringing you the stories and pictures – John Garcia, Jr., Laken Litman, Stuart McNair, Cary L. Clark, A.P. Steadham, Benjamin Cohen, and Mitch Dobbs.

There are dozens and dozens of Fox Sports and Scout personnel who keep us going, and we wish them all a Merry Christmas.

We hope that you are fortunate enough to be with family at this time of the year, and that those who must travel do so safely.

As we celebrate, let us also remember those who have sorrow, particularly the families of Newtown, Connecticut.

Let us all remember, Good Will to All.

And, of course, a Happy New Year, starting with a BCS victory on Jan. 7.

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