Recruits React

Alabama rolled to its third BCS National Championship in four seasons Monday night with an easy win over No. 1 Notre Dame, and several Alabama commits and recruiting targets shared their thoughts soon after.

Alabama was dominant, yet again, en route to another national championship Monday. Routing Notre Dame 42-14, Alabama's commits were already providing reactions to in the fourth quarter of the game.

Others waited until it was official, but we were able to gather thoughts from several in the wee hours of the morning to get a sense of what this means for current commitments and potential future ones.

Question: What did watching that game make you think about?

*RB commit Tyren Jones: "How excited I am and how I want that for me next year."

*OL commit Grant Hill: "That Alabama is a great football team."

*WR commit Raheem Falkins: "Like coach said, two days after the work started for the next season, makes me think about my upcoming work."

*DB commit Maurice Smith: "Me being in those crimson and white uniforms next year playing for one of those myself with Smith on the back of a jersey getting money!"

*OL commit Brandon Hill: "It feels good to be a part of this team!"

*2014 RB commit Bo Scarborough: "Made me think that Alabama would be the best school because of their running performance tonight. Great night."

2013 DE Chris Jones (Mississippi Sate commit with Alabama offer): "That Alabama is a really great school."

*2014 DB Ronnie  Clark: "I don't know man it's crazy. I didn't expect a blow out."

*2014 DB Nick Watkins: "The SEC is a different type of monster."

* 204 LB Chris Register: "A decision is going to be hard!"

* 2014 QB Devlin Hodges: "Makes me want to work even harder so I can play in this game!"

Question: Did you expect the score to be so one-sided?

*T. Jones: "I knew it was gonna be over 20, but not 40."

*G. Hill: "The score was unusually lopsided to me."

*Falkins: "Not really."

*Smith: "Not at all! They came to play, I loved every second and I'm going to be down at Alabama tomorrow!"

*B. Hill: "Yea, it was like I predicted, just three points off."

*Scarborough: "Well, after the first drive I said to myself 'Alabama got this.'But the ending score really surprised me."

*C. Jones: "Yes I did, because Alabama is that good."

*Watkins: "Not at all!"

*Register: "Not really, I knew where it was going after the first half of the first quarter. Lol."

*Hodges: "Kind of. I kept flip flopping through out the week if it was going to be a blowout or close."

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