Four rings, but not a show off

Nick Saban has four national championship rings, but never wears them because it's not his style to say, 'Look what I've got.' So where does he keep them? On his coffee table for recruits to look at.

Nick Saban should have a special national championship jewelry box. After all, he has enough rings to fill the space after winning his fourth BCS title Monday night when Alabama beat Notre Dame 42-14.

With quite the collection going and growing, the coach was asked where he keeps the rings.

"I just put them on the coffee table for the recruits to look at," he said, laughing.

Derek Jeter once said, "If you're successful, people will talk about it for you, you won't have to bring it up." Saban is the head coach of a college football powerhouse that never seems to let up. The Crimson Tide loses superstar talent to the NFL every year, but Saban restocks, reloads, implements the tools of success and the team is ready to go again.

After beating Notre Dame Monday, Alabama has won three national titles in four years and two in a row, and Saban earned himself fourth ring (won a championship with LSU in 2003). But the coach said he never wears them.

"You know, I think the satisfaction, enjoyment, comes from the fact that you know you did your best to be the best you could be at what you were trying to do, and by the accomplishment itself, that's where the self-gratification comes from," he said. "We don't really need to wear a ring and go like this so everybody says, ‘Look what I've got.' I mean, that's just not my style."

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