Mosley Sees Much Good Around Him

Alabama Coach Nick Saban is helpful in providing a number of Crimson Tide football players for interviews each week. Astute observers will notice, however, that it is a relatively few number of different players. Each week we'll get AJ McCarron and C.J. Mosley and some others who have earned their stripes.

After awhile there are only so many things one can ask Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley about himself. And that's when reporters have to try another tactic, one that I personally do not like: asking a player about his teammates.

When Mosley, a 6-2, 232-pound upcoming senior inside linebacker, showed up for interviews this week, we were finished fairly soon with the questions about his shoulder (he had it "cleaned up" after last season with arthroscopic surgery and so is in a black non-contact jersey this spring) and his role in the upcoming first scrimmage on Saturday, there wasn't much more to talk about.

He did say that he thought he had been prepared for Bama's return to spring practice on Monday after nine days off for The University's spring break. That return practice didn't meet with the approval of Bama Coach Nick Saban.

Mosley said, "The main thing was some of the guys were probably thinking it was going to be an easy day coming off a week of not practicing. Some guys didn't know how to handle it. We've been here a few years. I kind of knew what to expect. I knew it was going to be in pads. Those kind of things happen. That's why we have 15 practices. It's bad that we wasted that day. We've got to get the guys in the right mindset and get ready for Wednesday."

After that, it was mostly about his teammates:

Is Reggie Ragland one to keep an eye on?

"Yes sir. Once he gets his turn he's going to be a great linebacker. He's still learning the defense. We're still working with him, as far as me and Trey (DePriest), and when the scrimmage comes he's got to do what he has to do."

Does Ragland (listed as 6-2, 259)just keep getting bigger?

"He's one of the big linebackers. As long as he stays at his right size and keeps his head in the playbook, he'll be a pretty good linebacker."

Mosley and fellow linebacker Adrian Hubbard, a 6-6, 252-pound junior who has been redshirted, both made the decision to return to Alabama for the 2012 season. Have they talked about that decision?

"I talked to him a little about it during the process," Mosley said. "Once he came back he knew he had to work to get his stock up and become a better player. He's taking over the outside linebacker corps. He's trying to step up.

"We came in together, so I know what he can do. I won't be surprised if he has a great year this year."

How are Christion Jones, Cyrus Jones, and Dee Hart doing on defense?

"They are bringing a lot of intensity, a lot of effort to the defense. They are trying to do their best to learn while playing both sides. It's good to see them come over with a willingness to come over to help the team out, help the defense out. You never know. You might need one of those guys in a game on defense. So we're going to do what we can to help them get better on defense."

Have you had a chance to cover freshman tight end O.J. Howard yet? What have you seen from him?

"I haven't had a chance to cover him yet. He's one of those hard workers. He's doing what he can to try to find a spot on the team. He's one of the players we're going to have to look out for in Saturday's scrimmage. That's one of the areas you look for in the first scrimmage. Everyone's going to have high intensity trying to showcase their talent and their ability."

How is inside linebacker Tana Patrick doing?

"He's doing well. He's still getting in the playbook, learning what he has to do. The linebackers are all like a family, so we're all working with each other to make each other better when we meet after practice each day. We're going to have each other's back."

How is Tana better?

"Knowing his role. Making calls now. Stepping up, playing as a leader."

How aggressive is (freshman tailback) Derrick Henry so far?

"He hasn't disappointed yet. When Saturday comes it's going to hit the fan, so we'll see."

How has Xzavier Dickson been doing, moving back and forth from outside linebacker to defensive end?

"I saw him today on the line of scrimmage making two plays, so he looks good to me. No complaints. Once you learn two spots, that's good. The more spots you know, versatility, the more time you spend on the field."

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