Tide Rowers Get Two Wins On Warrior

The Alabama rowing team earned two wins as it hosted Central Florida and West Virginia, Saturday morning on the Black Warrior River. The event was senior day and the Power of Pink regatta for the Crimson Tide.

"I think we showed some of the things that we have been working on come through today in our wins as well as our not so much wins," Alabama Rowing Coach Larry Davis said. "I think there are some things also that popped up that show that we are still making a couple mistakes that really detract from what we are really doing as a group of athletes.  We have got to polish some of those things up." 

Alabama claimed wins in the first and second varsity 4+ races. The Tide took a commanding win in the second varsity 4+ with a time of 9:02.5, beating West Virginia's mark of 9:10.4.

The highlight of the morning came in the first varsity 4+ race where it came down to the video to name a winner. Alabama crossed the line in first, edging Central Florida with a time of 8:48.5, just two tenths of a second faster than the UCF boat.

"I thought that everyone competed well," Davis said. "I was really excited to see some of those tight finishes that we had."

  Alabama's two novice boats started the day with second and third place finishes, respectively. The UA second novice boat finished with an 8:00.2 while the first novice boat crossed the line with an 8:38.9.

  The Tide finished second in the in the second varsity 8+ race with a 7:50.4. UCF won the race in 7:48.4 while West Virginia took third in 7:57.6.

  The morning concluded with West Virginia claiming the first varsity 8+ race with a time of 7:41.5. UCF finished second with a 7:43.2 and UA placed third with a 7:52.1.

  Alabama recognized its four seniors, Kiffy Balchon, Tabitha Coleman, Jessica Parker, and Canella Tinker.

  "It's always a big thing for us and right now we don't have a lot of home races, so beyond the fact that it is our only home race this year, when you have a Power of Pink event which is really important for the girls and for the team," Davis added. "If you look at the seniors graduating and having the last chance to perform in front of a home crowd, all of those things come together and the students are really excited about it."

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