Blazevich 'done' after 'Bama visit

Jeb Blazevich snagged all the offers he wanted early in the process, and he took one final visit before the final evaluation stage of his recruitment Friday. He recaps his time in Tuscaloosa and much more inside.

Charlotte (N.C.) Christian tight end prospect Jeb Blazevich has visited many of the schools that have offered him a verbal scholarship, and his last stop was Friday in Tuscaloosa after narrowing his recruitment down to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Clemson and Georgia in addition to Alabama.

"It went great!" he said shortly after eating Dreamland Barbeque for the first time. "We went around a little bit; saw the weight room and stuff, the academic center, player meetings and then practice.

"I got a lot of good information about Alabama."

The four-star also got plenty of word from the coaching staff.

"I dealt with Coach Saban, Coach Rumph, who has been recruiting me, and Coach Williams," he said. "I wanted to get to know him a bit more, which I did."

Blazevich had sit-downs with each, including one with the head coach. This time around, he got a sense that Alabama's last impression on him would mean a lot.

"I got that feeling, he was just honest," he said of Saban. "He doesn't have to sell me anything, because if he doesn't get me, they'll win without me. But we talked about the stereotypes that are out there about them, they're not just football people.

"They're successful off the field also, so we took care of all those things."

"We talked about how much the degree has to offer, it was really good," he continued. "I got answers to every question I needed to ask. They showed me the numbers on their degrees, the numbers on their communications and business programs, and it was really good."

At practice, where he was focused on the variety of the two tight end positions used at UA, certain players spoke to Blazevich briefly.

"I met with Jones, McCarron, O.J. Howard…all those guys," he said. "I wanted to see them, because I would be playing with them. They were all very understanding, they were in my shoes so they wanted to offer good information.

"They'll let the coaches recruit."

A piece of information that didn't have to be spoken was about the culture of Saban's system.

"One of the things that was surprising was just how their system is. It's easy to see how with the program they have in place, with everyone on board, relates to success," said Blazevich. "It was good to see how they do things day-to-day."

Blazevich's days going forward will be big ones, with a commitment on the horizon.

"I'm committing before June 1, or maybe in the next couple of weeks," he said. "I'm taking the net few weeks to figure out where I want to go. I have a pretty good idea, between two and three schools at this point.

"But I still need to evaluate everybody and leave no stone unturned. I think I have it more narrowed than not."

Taking part in the Atlanta Nike camp on Saturday, the No. 10 tight end in America is relieved to have one part of the recruiting process behind him.

Said Blazevich, "This is my last visit, thank God!"

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