'Lion's mentality' leads to offer

Precedent helps in future situations in just about every walk of life, and the football field is no different. That's where class of 2015 tight end will Gragg has an advantage as he hits the ground running in recruiting with offers from Alabama and Ole Miss in on weekend.

Class of 2015 tight end Will Gragg was the only prospect, regardless of class, to land an Alabama offer on Monday during the teams initial camp.

"I haven't been to a camp yet where I didn't get offered, so that is the expectation," he said. "But, when they made it the reality it was crazy!"

The Pine Bluff (Ark.) talent, who says he measured in at 6-foot-4, 247 pounds, wasn't even expected at camp until next month.

"The coaches were expecting me at the July camp, so when we arrived yesterday they set up some stuff so we could talk to coaches in the first session," Gragg explained. "We went through drills, ran routes and worked on blocking technique with Coach Williams. Then we went to 7-on-7, and after that me and my mom talked to Coach Saban in his office."

"When we walked in, he had all the championship rings right there in our face," he continued with a laugh. "They were big. But he talked about how he wants to make men first, football players second. Then he was talking about how academically good they were.

"Both my parents and me are really high on academics."

After earning an offer at Ole Miss on Saturday, the family thought an Alabama offer was possible.

"I always tell them I'm going to try to get an offer, but when it actually happens it's funny between us," he added.

Early in the process and with unusual perspective since brothers Chris Gragg and Wright Gragg were high-level recruits - there's a calm about how how the rising junior approaches the recruiting game.

"I'm just really soaking it all in," said Gragg. "I got two offers this weekend, but everything is sort of going back to normal. I was back at practice with my school today. That's the way I want to keep it.

"I'm just taking it day by day. It's just really new to me. Arkansas offered me with the old staff, so I'm building relationships with each school. They're all really on the same level."

Appreciative of the recruiting class Ole Miss has brought in and the small-town feel of Ole Miss, he's high on the Rebels as well. But he's not ready to settle just yet.

"I just have to keep working, having a lion's mentality," said Gragg. "I had a really good day (in Tuscaloosa), and I was in the front of every line, clapping it up and encouraging guys.

"I guess it caught there attention that a young guy was doing that. Then I went out and performed the way I did."

The elite talent plans to camp at Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Notre Dame later this summer.

No matter where he ends up, there's a high work ethic and potential for one of Arkansas' best.

Said Gragg, "They're going to see a guy who has the mindset to do everything right, is a leader and goes hard every play."

The class of 2015 prospect does not plan to announce his commitment until next summer.

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